Sunday, April 24, 2011

Swamped in Swampland

Swamped (ha! SWAMPLAND!) with chemistry, so here are two pics. I can't recall where I got these, so if they are from your Tumblr or something, let me know and I will link to you. (Yes, I give things embarrassing file names...and forget to change them when I go to upload; whoops.)

Oh, and if you are a Blixa fan and don't have Seele Brennt bookmarked or blogrolled, get with it! Much thanks to them for helping this new E.N. fan succumb to the greatness that is Blixa.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Twitter CAN Be Used For Good!

OMG, THIS IS FUCKING EPIC! I've been missing Fake Nick Cave on Twitter for aaaaaages. What the fuck is this:

And it gets weirder; that account exchanges Tweets with:


I am so amused and confused by people and their weirdness.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Money and Run: Hologram Nick

If some of you didn't know, Nick is featured on a track from the new UNKLE EP (Only the Lonely). The song is called "Money and Run," and it's a pretty unique collaboration. It's not my usual style of music, but after falling in love with this song, I gotta say, I'm kinda liking UNKLE.

Anyway, check out this UNKLE performance of the song including a huge hologram of Mr. Cave. Yep. You read that right.

(thank you, jutkacsak, for finding this better-quality video for me!)

In other news...I FINALLY LOVE JUNKYARD. That's been the ONE album I've never fully succumbed to, and yesterday, the mood was right or something (listening to PiL beforehand may have helped). I. Love. It. It's like I have a different brain now or something. I thought it was white noise before, but now...totally loving it. Laura must be so proud of me.

To celebrate I am posting this: