Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am way too easily amused by my XBOX avatar...

As IF I am the only one who does stuff like this...THIS post is for my dear friend, Meghan. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Road with Grinderman: Spin Article

Spin magazine has, for once, a really great article up on its site. No, I mean, really good and entertaining. It's an article all about what it was like for a guy to go touring with Grinderman.

The very first picture of Nick scares me because he looks like Billy Bob Thornton, post-facelift. I think it's just a bad picture. The boa picture is amazing, and it's not the pink one!

Nick goes shopping for magic tricks, almost barfs over chicken gizzards, Warren keeps vomiting or having, seriously, that's just the first couple pages. OH, and the thing about getting a dog = adorable and hilarious.

It's long, but DEFINITELY worth the read for such gems as:

"The three of them begin ordering for the table: skewers of chicken hearts and gizzards, beef tongue, quail eggs, and French fries with spicy cod roe and mayo sauce. Nick looks pale. "Do you have any, like, plain rice?" he asks the waitress."

"Warren, after four nights of gastrointestinal battle, improbably orders a side of chili. "He just likes the attention," Nick notes.

"Nick blows me away with his one-night stand years ago with a renowned and extremely temperamental diva. They went back to his hotel and got busy. Hungover the next morning, Nick drank the glass of water that was on the night table. Water that contained the diva's contact lens. "She never quite forgave me," he says.

Oh, and there's a disgusting joke Nick tells too...involving incest and, erm...well, anyway...haha.


QUOTE OF THE YEAR: "The only things scarier than Nick Cave are Nick Cave fans."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

11/27/10 Seattle: Videos

My videos from the Saturday, November 27th Grinderman show in Seattle are up! It took place at the King Cat Theatre.

Most of my videos are short clips, since I didn't realize how AMAZING my memory card was, and I didn't want to spend too much time screwing with videos. I was also RIGHT ON a speaker monitor, so the audio on most of these is pretty horrid. Some of you will be like, WHY even both sharing that; it's awful! Because they're MINE, and that pleases me. Plus, the video quality is spiffy. :)

Set list:

Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
Worm Tamer
Get It On [bad audio]:

Heathen Child [two clips with HORRID audio]:

This one is Cave rockin' it like he does, at least [the guy just in frame on the left is Bill: he rocks AND just got engaged to his fellow Cave-lovin' sweetheart...CONGRATULATIONS, BILL!!!]:

Evil! [bad audio; Warren going nuts]:

When My Baby Comes [bad audio]:

What I Know (we got the manly version; my only qualm with the show-I would have preferred a sensitive version)

Honeybee, Let's Fly to Mars (from this point on, audio is MAGICALLY better-I don't get it) [short clip; I was wracked with nerves, preparing for The Grinderbunny Moment; see: previous entry]:

Kitchenette [seen in previous entry; note Grinderbunny]:

No Pussy Blues [FULL song; note Grinderbunny falling onto Jim's drum at 2:27 and how he keeps trying to play with him on there...also, Nick momentarily forgets the line "I combed the hairs across my...head!" *wink*]:

Bellringer Blues

Palaces of Montezuma
Man in the Moon
When My Love Comes Down [three clips]:

Love Bomb [FULL SONG: amazing; he proclaims his love, then starts in front of me, does some epic eyebrow things, and at 2:57 smiles adorably at Warren and magically looks 35 again]:

Grinderman [three clips, the last being about two and a half minutes]:

Last one's rather intense...Nick and Warren are MADMEN. [I like how my scream cracks at 1:42, showcasing how much I was yelling all night]:

THE SHOW WAS ABSO-FUCKIN'-LUTELY FANTASTIC. Best show I have ever, EVER seen. If you can see Grinderman, GO...for the love of ALL...GO!!!

Next up: pics from the show, and Eulogy for a 'Stache news(!!!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Adventures of Grinderbunny!

I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SO LONG. I have more stuff to share, but I'll wait a bit, haha.

I have lots of things to share about the November 27th Grinderman show, but I figured many of you would be wanting to know how the Grinderbunny/thank you's turned out, so I am starting with that.

The Adventures of Grinderbunny!

First of all, THANK YOU so much to everyone who submitted thank you's to be included in this fan project for Nick. I hope you will all be pleased with how things turned out, and let me assure you that Mr. Cave...well...just read on...
After only sleeping two hours the night before (I was WAY too excited), we went to get breakfast, but I really couldn’t eat.


Since we brought my brand new camera, we had to take my bag into the restaurant with us. Grinderbunny (a stuffed bunny...The Death of Bunny Munro; get it?) had a mustache and bushy, Cave-like eyebrows. I had taken the thank you’s from fans, folded them into origami crows (of course!), put them into an envelope, and pinned it to Grinderbunny’s back to toss onstage. Anyway, he had to come in because he was in my bag and I did not want ANYTHING to happen to that thing.

Grinderbunny before we left that morning. He looks pissed.

Oh, and here are the fan thank you’s, folded into crows (the envelope said, “thank you, Nick. Open the birds” on it.

Grinderbunny is grumpy without his cup o’ joe.

He’s only fifteen inches tall, but he can drive pretty well, actually.

Grinderbunny mugshot? Or just worried about leaving us behind? Don’t be afraid, Bun-Bun. Nick Cave will take care of you.

My husband and I started making Grinderbunny say things in a Nick Cave accent, and this horridly annoying video is the result:

Grinderbunny's MUSTACHE FELL OFF TWICE, but we were able to get some more glue and some tape. Tape? Yes, But I could NOT give Nick the Grinderbunny without the 'stache. But yes, luckily there was a grocery store nearby. Phew.

I knew Nick didn’t play guitar on two of my favorites, which would be played back-to-back, “Honeybee” and “Kitchenette.” I figured I would time The Throw of Grinderbunny between those songs. I was going to try to record a video of The Throw to Nick’s feet as soon as “Honeybee” was over. Therefore, when “Honeybee” began, my heart IMMEDIATELY began pounding like I can’t even explain. I got super light-headed and panicky (I have anxiety anyway). This was when he would either give the Grinderbunny a “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!” look, or say, “I don’t have the mustache anymore; let it go!” or something. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO EXPECT. So yes. Here is a video clip from “Honeybee”.

Just know that I felt so anxious and panicky during the duration of this song. It’s about my FAVORITE GM song, aaaand knowing The Moment was arriving…stressful:

I’d been trying to hide the bunny from EVERY FAN ALL DAY, by the way. I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. After the freaking fiasco with the ‘stache falling off, the fact that I didn’t get The Throw recorded isn’t that surprising. My husband should have recorded it, but I told him, “No! I can do it.” Right. Um, NO, Andrea…FAIL.I WAS GOING TO RECORD THE THROW. That was ALWAYS my plan…HOWEVER…somehow, in the excitement…I bumped the “record” button again and recorded NOTHING involving The Throw.

BUT I can tell you what happened pretty exactly.

As soon as “Honeybee” ended, I stopped hiding Grinderbunny and got ready to toss him at Nick’s feet. BUT NICK ENDED THE SONG STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I looked up at him and HANDED GRINDERBUNNY RIGHT TO HIM. He carried it as he stepped over the monitors, and then turned to face us and BEAMED A HUGE SMILE and LAUGHED. I was NOT expecting him to LAUGH. Then he looked right into my eyes, then back to the bunny, still amused as hell, and said, “THANK YOU! It’s GRINDERBUNNY!


The envelope our thank you’s were in survived and were still pinned to Grinderbunny, and Nick immediately walked over to Jim’s drums, put Grinderbunny on part of them, and then the band launched into “Kitchenette”.


Note the bunny perched just-so on Jim’s drums. At some point the bunny loses a shoe, but not in these:

I just love that Nick is obviously thinking, “awww, they gave me a gift; it’d make them super stoked if I put this on the drums.” BECAUSE IT TOTALLY DID. I WAS FREAKING OUT. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It was the coolest thing EVER, and I turned to Nick (my Nick) and said, “this almost makes up for not meeting him earlier,” AND IT IS SO TRUE. The Grinderbunny Experience was…AMAZING.

Grinderbunny started tipping precariously due to Jim’s INSANE, BADASS drumming:

The Grinderbunny hung out for awhile, but during "No Pussy Blues," he fell onto one of Jim’s drums 02:31 into the song. Jim tried to keep playing with the bunny there, as you can see. Then he got tossed off the drum and to the floor, where he hung out for the rest of the night.

At 03:20 or so, some girl yells out after Nick says, “she didn’t want to,” “I DO!” and another girl yells, “I DO, TOO!” and he laughs at it and says, “I do, too,” which amuses me to no end. Then he wanted the crowd to clap so the camera gets put down for a bit. Which is cool, cuz you can see how the camera’s jumping around due to the speakers.

Video is high defintion if you click it and then make it full-screen. :)

Thank you all SO MUCH for taking part in this. I know he will love our thank you's and he was DEFINITELY amused by Grinderbunny. :D