Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Road with Grinderman: Spin Article

Spin magazine has, for once, a really great article up on its site. No, I mean, really good and entertaining. It's an article all about what it was like for a guy to go touring with Grinderman.

The very first picture of Nick scares me because he looks like Billy Bob Thornton, post-facelift. I think it's just a bad picture. The boa picture is amazing, and it's not the pink one!

Nick goes shopping for magic tricks, almost barfs over chicken gizzards, Warren keeps vomiting or having diarrhea...no, seriously, that's just the first couple pages. OH, and the thing about getting a dog = adorable and hilarious.

It's long, but DEFINITELY worth the read for such gems as:

"The three of them begin ordering for the table: skewers of chicken hearts and gizzards, beef tongue, quail eggs, and French fries with spicy cod roe and mayo sauce. Nick looks pale. "Do you have any, like, plain rice?" he asks the waitress."

"Warren, after four nights of gastrointestinal battle, improbably orders a side of chili. "He just likes the attention," Nick notes.

"Nick blows me away with his one-night stand years ago with a renowned and extremely temperamental diva. They went back to his hotel and got busy. Hungover the next morning, Nick drank the glass of water that was on the night table. Water that contained the diva's contact lens. "She never quite forgave me," he says.

Oh, and there's a disgusting joke Nick tells too...involving incest and, erm...well, anyway...haha.


QUOTE OF THE YEAR: "The only things scarier than Nick Cave are Nick Cave fans."


  1. I really want to know who the renowned and temperamental diva was.

  2. me too...was thinking Courtney Love for some reason.


  3. Oh, god, EW. I love Courtney, but NO.

    Laura and I think it's most likely Tori Amos, but I think most people already suspect that's true. I approve. I love Tori. :D

  4. I remember reading an interview where Cave denied ever sleeping with Tori, and said that he didn't know how that rumor came about. But then again, people don't always admit to that sort of thing.

    I was kind of thinking of Diamanda Galás. While she isn't super famous, she certainly is renowned in some circles.

  5. MsEmJ, yeah, I've seen him deny it AND say it was true. I think that's prob'ly who it is. I haven't heard of Diamanda and don't know what she does, but she scares me based on her picture, but she could be super awesome too. :)

    I don't care who he slept with as long as he stays with Susie, haha. They are too beautiful together. <3

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  7. Not saying it's NOT true, Anonymous, but "she told my mate" isn't exactly a hard fact to go by. That being said, I don't really care who it was to be honest.

  8. You sure DO care, don't you?
    Have you considered Tom Cruise?

  9. Tom Cruise can fuck a goat. He's a disgrace to people like myself on antidepressants.

    I just don't want my blog to be a breeding ground for rumors. I don't believe nor disbelieve what you said.

    Just, you know...keep those things to yourself and gloat about how holier than thou you are, cuz lord knows, I only DREAM of knowing such intimate details about Nick's life.

  10. ANONYMOUS, what are your credentials? Who do you work for? Who is your mate? How big is your penis? How loose is your rectum?

    These are relevant to my ANALysis of your comment. TOM CRUISE TOTALLY has small testes.