Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bunny Video // Nick Cave's Computer Habits

A person working online press for Bunny Munro wanted me to share this link with you all (yeah, I was shocked someone like that knew about my blog). If you've been following the videos of Nick reading excerpts online, here is an exclusive video of him reading from Chapter 18!


And, to keep you entertained, here is another annoying video I made involving Mr. Cave using his computer.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bad News

Bad news. I heard back from Canongate, and the limited edition of Bunny Munro can't be shipped to the US because of distribution rights (or lack thereof).

FUCK. :(

I'm trying to see if I can paypal some money to a NZ friend of mine, but looks like I won't be getting this more than likely. FUCKITY FUCK!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Takin' the First Bootstep

Until Mr. Cave, I didn't get what the big deal about bootlegs was. However, once I started downloading some decent ones, I began to understand. The songs are performed differently each time, sometimes with entirely new lyrics...the energy is raw and palpable...the imperfections make it exciting.

Enough rambling. If, like me, you're relatively new to the bootleg scene, you may have no idea where to start. Where does one go to get bootlegs? Where can you find some good ones, and not crappy quality ones that are fuzzy and inaudible?

My lovelies, your problems are solved! THIS BLOG has a HUGE list of Birthday Party, Boys Next Door, Bad Seeds, even some Grinderman and random EN stuff. SERIOUSLY, this is a GREAT place to start, so check it out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Excited Are YOU?!

News about the limited edition of Bunny Munro!

The limited edition of Bunny Munro goes on sale next Tuesday, the 25th, at noon England time. Meaning, four a.m. for the United States:

Only 500 copies, and each 100 copies, the price goes up by ten pounds. It starts at 80 pounds, which is $132.05. WHOA.

Also, in real small print, it says this about the limited edition Bunny Munro:
"Not for sale in the US, Canada or India". I am hoping this just means it has to ship to us from overseas. Can anyone confirm this is probably what that means?

Anyway, four a.m., I am on that site, pending my mom's willingness to give her soon-to-be 26-year-old daughter an early birthday gift. :D

In case you mixed it, the wonderfully kind Laura (*hugs*) shared some awesome Nick scans here:

And does anyone have the full-size version of the pic of the moment?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A-Roaming 'Round, Being Hilarious

Have I SERIOUSLY never posted this? grindermom at youtube made this and it is BY FAR one of the greatest fuckin' things I have EVER seen on youtube.

Look at his face! He looks so serious/dreamy! BWAHAHAHA. I originally saw this when my friend and I were drunk, and I think I fell out of my chair, SERIOUSLY.

Check out the amazing bit at 0:53.


Please send stuff for the fanbook or let me know if you are going to send stuff. I think no one is going to and it will be a sad birthday indeed for Mr. Cave. :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

January '09 BL // A Man in Shades

Picture I just found, first of all:

I was going to upload a zip of this, but someone else has the same bootleg available already, and you can download each mp3 individually. This is NC&TBS from January 9th, 2009 in Melbourne.

1. Tupelo
2. Midnight Man
3. Love Letter
4. Moonland
5. We Call Upon the Author
6. Papa Won't Leave You, Henry
7. Into My Arms
8. Get Ready for Love
9. Stagger Lee


REMINDER: Less than one month until September 3rd to send in your stuff for the birthday fan book. LINK IS HERE!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Party Bookmarks

I tried to make you guys some bookmarks. These were supposed to be EIGHT INCHES tall, but for some reason...they're not (if you know why Paint Shop Pro doesn't print at the size it says photos are, comment). They're, like, six inches tall.

But anyway - PARTY HOY! And thanks to Laura for the scans. It was Laura, right? God, I hope so...late night kinda and I'm frazzled.

Anyway, whip out all the black ink you have, some photo paper, and enjoy. YARDA YARDA!

Click to enlarge.

Best Day Ever: 09/22/08 Portland Show

REMINDER: Less than one month until September 3rd to send in your stuff for the birthday fan book. LINK IS HERE!

My husband is the guy in the hat. I am the person
to his left, taking a picture.

I am the douchebag in the bottom right,
looking like a crying Sanjaya fan (google it).
Sara's arm is the one above all others.

I really should make this post on September 22nd, but as that is also Mr. Cave's birthday, I'm sure I'll post something else that day. Anyway, this is mainly to make sure the lovely, lovely Sara has these. I can't believe I never put these up here. These videos (though sideways at times and not the greatest quality ever) are from the September 22nd, 2008 show in Portland, Oregon I was at. Thanks to the original uploader, breakingsong at youtube. I've also included mp3 versions, in the brackets next to each title.

Oh, and the photos I took from the show/journal entry I made about it: HERE.

Red Right Hand [MP3]

Stagger Lee [MP3]

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Must Be This Famous to Own an Attack Groundhog

New photo of the moment:
Mr. Cave and Mr. Cash.

The below image, which I somehow spent an hour making, will make even less sense more sense after you read this entry.

Just emailed the following to my dear New Zealand-dwelling friend, Jess, who I met at the concert last year. I sent her a rambling email about how famous Nick Cave is. I include it here because it is NC related, and you all might have your own insights.

I know fame is relative, but I just wanted a general idea.

How famous *is* NC in Australia/NZ? I realize that's a weird question, I mean, how can you say, "oh - he's such-and-such level of famous." But I most people know who he is?

Here, in a chain music store, most people have no idea who he is. In independent/goth music stores, they do (not counting Hot Topic), but he's definitely a cult-level fame here. I've heard a few people call him "underground," and I'm like...uh, no...he's not underground; he's on a relatively large label.

Here in the States, people like Britney Spears, U2, and Beyonce are super famous. EVERYONE knows who they are. You could mention "Beyonce" to anyone and most likely get a response. Then there are people less famous, but still relatively well known, such as (first to mind) Lady Gaga or Lily Allen. Less than that you start getting into people with a smaller, dedicated following, such as Tori Amos, Primus (who I can't stand), etc. I guess Nick would be in that category, but he gets more of a "who the fuck is that?!" reaction than even those I just mentioned. More obscure than him would be independent label type artists.

I know there's no definite answer. Where I live, there are people who know who he is, if you know where to FIND those people. Indie music stores, goth clubs, etc.

Usually, though, when I tell people about my favorite artist, this is what goes down:

THEM: Nicolas Cage?
ME: No, Nick CAVE.
THEM: Oh, Cave...what would I know him from?
ME: The Bad Seeds, mostly.
THEM: Never heard of 'em. What'd they sing?
ME: Lots of stuff, but you'd know 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' with Kylie Minogue first.
ME: Kylie Minogue.
THEM: Oh, she sang that can't get outta yer head song, right?
ME: Right.
THEM: Yeah, still don't know who Nick Callus is.
ME: CAVE. NICK CAVE. He also sang a song called Red Right Hand you might know from those fuckin' Scream movies.
THEM: Ah, so...he's a one hit wonder then?

I AM NOT KIDDING. Well, I am a bit...but come on. He could walk around and people would be like, "huh...tall guy. Now, where's McDonald's?"

Monday, August 3, 2009

What Has Six Legs and Is the Cutest Thing Ever?

I have a confession. I am guilty of hoarding, what is, in my opinion, the BEST NICK CAVE PHOTO OF ALL-TIME. Yes, all-time.

I am also hereby guilty of sharing said image now because it is on eBay again. I've never seen this photo online anywhere (only eBay), and I've used it as a bargaining chip in the past. You all share amazing things with me, and I do have the actual clipping framed above my computer, so the least I can do is share my favorite Nick pic ever. I have no idea what magazine this was from, other than a Japanese one.

NSFW: Pics of naked chicks in the window behind Nick. It took me months to notice them.

Favorite. Nickpic. EVER. If you have any pics you think are cuter, I call shenanigans.
TOTALLY worth the $10 I paid for that single page.

REMINDER: You have until September 3rd to send in your stuff for the birthday fan book. LINK IS HERE!