Monday, August 10, 2009

Best Day Ever: 09/22/08 Portland Show

REMINDER: Less than one month until September 3rd to send in your stuff for the birthday fan book. LINK IS HERE!

My husband is the guy in the hat. I am the person
to his left, taking a picture.

I am the douchebag in the bottom right,
looking like a crying Sanjaya fan (google it).
Sara's arm is the one above all others.

I really should make this post on September 22nd, but as that is also Mr. Cave's birthday, I'm sure I'll post something else that day. Anyway, this is mainly to make sure the lovely, lovely Sara has these. I can't believe I never put these up here. These videos (though sideways at times and not the greatest quality ever) are from the September 22nd, 2008 show in Portland, Oregon I was at. Thanks to the original uploader, breakingsong at youtube. I've also included mp3 versions, in the brackets next to each title.

Oh, and the photos I took from the show/journal entry I made about it: HERE.

Red Right Hand [MP3]

Stagger Lee [MP3]


  1. Nice!
    Crap, the fact that this year does not hold a Nick concert for me is unfortunate. However, I will be attending 2 author discussions with him next month which makes up for it!
    Still, can't the BS make a yearly trip to the States, you know, just because I say so? No? Ah, oh well. :D

  2. TWO author discussions?! WHERE?! I wish I lived closer to NYC or LA or London or something, cuz he's prob'ly gonna be there. SO JEALOUS! :D

  3. I'm going to (at least) 4 author discussions/book signings... :D

    (I know, I'm crazy...) :D

    you can see the list of all the events here :

  4. I'm going to one in New York and one in Canada. I have discovered my ass is willing to spend many hours on a bus in order to get itself to Nick Cave. I've gone to New York to see him before, but this is my first out-of-country stalking expedition - I mean, trip. :D

  5. Caroline, how are you going to four? GOOD GOD.

    I hate living in Oregon sometimes. I want to meet him so, so, soooo badly. :(

  6. I'm going to 2 book signings in London, and one in NYC and one in Ottawa :)

    I'm still hoping there will be one in Paris while I'm in France :P