Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Excited Are YOU?!

News about the limited edition of Bunny Munro!

The limited edition of Bunny Munro goes on sale next Tuesday, the 25th, at noon England time. Meaning, four a.m. for the United States:

Only 500 copies, and each 100 copies, the price goes up by ten pounds. It starts at 80 pounds, which is $132.05. WHOA.

Also, in real small print, it says this about the limited edition Bunny Munro:
"Not for sale in the US, Canada or India". I am hoping this just means it has to ship to us from overseas. Can anyone confirm this is probably what that means?

Anyway, four a.m., I am on that site, pending my mom's willingness to give her soon-to-be 26-year-old daughter an early birthday gift. :D

In case you mixed it, the wonderfully kind Laura (*hugs*) shared some awesome Nick scans here:

And does anyone have the full-size version of the pic of the moment?


  1. Want one.
    Kinda poor.
    Because of Nick Cave.
    Considering selling a kidney.
    Anybody need a kidney?

    I'd also like to know if they can ship to the US - I think doesn't let you, but maybe if you buy it direct from the BM site?

    PS yay I hope somebody finally turns up with a full-size of the alcove pic!

  2. PS today's captcha was "gitsum"
    Well all right then!

  3. I've asked about that photo before, on Livejournal and here too I think. No avail. *le sigh* Will we never know the joys of the full-sized alcove sex picture?

  4. Haha, my mind went to "git some" in a southern accent but I suppose we're both pervs regardless :D

    PS I got a reply from Canongate confirming they cannot ship the limited edition of Bunny to any US, Canadian or Indian address (due to territorial agreements/legal stuff - so they're not just trying to be difficult of course :D). So hopefully you've got a pal in another country you can have it sent to!

  5. Yeah, they emailed me back too. FUCK!