Saturday, August 22, 2009

Takin' the First Bootstep

Until Mr. Cave, I didn't get what the big deal about bootlegs was. However, once I started downloading some decent ones, I began to understand. The songs are performed differently each time, sometimes with entirely new lyrics...the energy is raw and palpable...the imperfections make it exciting.

Enough rambling. If, like me, you're relatively new to the bootleg scene, you may have no idea where to start. Where does one go to get bootlegs? Where can you find some good ones, and not crappy quality ones that are fuzzy and inaudible?

My lovelies, your problems are solved! THIS BLOG has a HUGE list of Birthday Party, Boys Next Door, Bad Seeds, even some Grinderman and random EN stuff. SERIOUSLY, this is a GREAT place to start, so check it out!


  1. thanks for linking to my blog :)
    I haven't updated it in a while, I'm not sure if the links are still working.

    I have around 150 bootlegs, and I only started to collect them last year.
    I found most of them on blogs using Google blog search, and also on websites indexing torrent files. Some of them are dedicated to bootlegs, like trader's den, dimeadozen, zomb....

    Also, you can trade with other fans (by mail or email).

    I agree, the performances are always differents and I think even better than on the albums. But what I love the most about the bootlegs is the banter :D

  2. I forgot to add, you can also find some on Rapidshare and Megaupload ;)