Monday, August 3, 2009

What Has Six Legs and Is the Cutest Thing Ever?

I have a confession. I am guilty of hoarding, what is, in my opinion, the BEST NICK CAVE PHOTO OF ALL-TIME. Yes, all-time.

I am also hereby guilty of sharing said image now because it is on eBay again. I've never seen this photo online anywhere (only eBay), and I've used it as a bargaining chip in the past. You all share amazing things with me, and I do have the actual clipping framed above my computer, so the least I can do is share my favorite Nick pic ever. I have no idea what magazine this was from, other than a Japanese one.

NSFW: Pics of naked chicks in the window behind Nick. It took me months to notice them.

Favorite. Nickpic. EVER. If you have any pics you think are cuter, I call shenanigans.
TOTALLY worth the $10 I paid for that single page.

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  1. *faints*
    This picture really confuses me. I want to go all molester-ey on Mr. Cave, but then I'm like "No, I want to cuddle the puppy. Wait, maybe I want to cuddle Nick. Wait, no, back to the first idea..."
    I think I need therapy after seeing this much cuteness. THANK YOU!

  2. Holy shit, a really nice angle for Nick AND a puppy in one picture? That's just wrong. His. . .his hair looks so nice. Why can't I touch it? =(

  3. Look at the tender look on Nicks face, he's being so gentle with that puppy. To solve your problem Laura, why not cuddle both at the same time?!

  4. thanks for sharing it. CUTEST. PIC. EVER. :D

    I have something to share too :

    I found a never-before-seen (at least for me) 40 minutes video of Nick, live in a radio show in 2001.

    Nick Cave (with his “solo tour” band: Warren Ellis, Susan Stenger and Jim White)
    Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW radio, Santa Monica, USA
    March 30, 2001

    Setlist :
    1. Intro
    2. The Mercy Seat
    3. God Is In The House
    4. Interview
    5. Sad Waters
    6. Papa Won’t Leave You Henry
    7. Into My Arms

    You can watch it online here:

  5. I am totally going to have to see if I can save that video later, Caroline. I have NEVER seen that. He is so handsome! Makes me want to go watch the God Is in the House DVD. :D Thank you so much!