Friday, July 17, 2009

52nd Birthday Fan Project!

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But, I really don't want to take my picture. Or my dog has a better mustache.

Where can you find a 'stache? Google "moustache" or "mustache,"
use these, or search for Grinderman stuff:

Any other questions can be directed at ziggy(underscore)star(at)comcast(dot)net, or left here as a comment. I really hope some of you are willing to do this! Is it lame? Yes. Is it going to be amusing as hell? Most definitely!


  1. I just got my wisdom teeth out and am all puffy. I was considering a paper mustache as a distraction anyway.


  2. Yes! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. You all rock! :D

  3. I found your "Moustaches on everything" video on youtube yesterday. It's so funny how all the posters and everything got one! Yoda looks cool too! I wanted to see the toilet 'tache!

  4. Beth, haha, YES! Some stuff still has a 'stache. Jareth and Bruce Lee and Nemo. Sadly, when I went to take the 'stache off of BP Nick Cave, it started to tear, so he has a little piece of clear tape where his 'stache was, to keep the torn bit on there. Poor little guy. It's not noticeable, though.

    The toilet 'stache was epic. However, when you sat down to do your business, it would tickle the insides of your knees. A bit distracting, really.

    I totally need to upload these videos I made over the last weekend. Haha. They are going to either crack people up...or make them sigh at my lameness.