Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr. Cave the Luddite

I didn't want to not update over the weekend. So yes. I found this while randomly searching and it is FUCKING EPIC.

It is my wallpaper. And it is perfect. And gorgeous. AND YOU LOVE IT!!! We miss you, Magical 'Stache of Doom!!!

Click for full-size greatness.

Have a fantastic weekend! Don't drink and drive (my friend says, "that's why I've never gotten a license!"), but have fun!


  1. I love that pic!!! :o

    where did you find it?

  2. Random image searching at but I don't remember what I combined "nick cave" with to get it.

    But it has definitely become one of my favorite pictures EVER. I wish I could find it again, because I stupidly don't think I read what the site it was from said. It probably had a lovely story...or maybe it was just the photo, I don't recall. It was probably "nick cave photographed by" or "nick cave photography" or "nick cave photographer". Not sure...I think it was on some photographer's website.

    But yes. It is an amazing photo. Love the 'stache (r.i.p.).

  3. ..........*thunk*.................

  4. Haha, I can’t believe this! I came across that photo on a Serbian site (* a couple of days ago and I thought about posting the link in “Eulogies for a ‘stache”, but, as usual, I couldn’t leave a comment (stupid dial-up!!!), so I gave up. I saved the link, though, and thought about sending it to you some other time, but obviously you were faster :)

    And yes, I LOVE the photo, too :)

    *Btw, how do I leave a clickable link? I know, I’m lame :)))

  5. Dammit just when I thought I was done with mourning the 'stache.

  6. MsEmJ, I know! I totally miss the hot 'stache action!