Sunday, July 5, 2009

Later Vol. 2

Watching the video this post is about has made me realize that either Mr. Cave had his teeth straightened, or he had a jagged tooth on the top left row of his teeth removed. Look in his mouth during some of the close-ups and you can see it. Then, later on, the jagged tooth is gone. Anyone else notice this? Prob'ly not; I am strange and have a crooked teeth obsession. But seriously, the post after this one (above this one, I mean), his teeth are perfect. Don't ask. I am so fucking tired.

Apologies if you all already have this. I am poor and don't have the means to buy awesome goodies. Hopefully, this is something at least one of you didn't already have. I am quite sure many of you have seen these performances on youtube, etc. However, this lovely, big-assed AVI file has them all in one lovely, 600MB, 45-minute-long file for you to download and enjoy. If you have a really horrible Internet connection, you can find these on youtube. I just like how it's this huge, handy AVI file. :D

This is The Later Performances : Volume 2. I didn't put this together, but thanks goes to whoever did. I have tried in vain to find "Volume 1," and am quite convinced that calling this one "Volume 2" is some kind of a sick joke, as I’ve never found a Volume 1.
Includes (NOTE: some aspect ratio funkiness on some of ‘em):
  1. fragment from an interview that I don’t get because I’ve no idea who he’s talking about

  2. gorgeous version of“Rainy Night in Soho” w/ footage of punks

  3. “God Is In the House” w/Nick at the piano, surrounded by the Seeds (Blixa and Mick – AWWW!)

  4. “Nature Boy”

  5. Interview with a very handsome Nick at the piano, in which he talks about Johnny Cash, AB/LoO, John Peel; then Nick says they’re about to sing “There She Goes, My Beautiful World” but the performance shown is “Nature Boy” for some reason
    [NOTE: I analyzed this with #4 to see if it’s the same performance, and it took me FOREVER to determine they are not the same. In #4, Nick faces the audience as he does that arm motion to signal the end of the song type thing, and in #5, he does the same arm motion but with his back to the audience. Also, in #4 the backup singers totally block the piano and in #5 they’re placed behind it. THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION!]

  6. A fucking FANTASTIC performance of Grinderman’s “No Pussy Blues”, in which Mr. Cave kinda looks like his guitar is electrocuting him and it ROCKS!

  7. “More News From Nowhere”

  8. “Dig!!!, Lazarus, Dig!!!” (Nick and a few of the others donning sunglasses)

  9. “Stagger Lee” (Nick’s fingernails are painted pink like P.J.'s and P.J. is dancing offstage.)

  10. “Henry Lee” with P.J. from the same show as Stagger Lee

  11. Grinderman’s “Honey Bee Let’s Fly to Mars” (my favorite song of theirs)

When the link expires, let me know and I will re-upload it.
Nick Cave : Later Volume 2

I have more random goodies, but this thing is big enough for its own post. I'll post some other treats in the next couple of days.


  1. Nice! I occasionally dwell on how awesome it is that Nick's been on regular TV so much in Europe :D As an American, I recall flipping my shit a few months ago when he was on Conan O'Brien. You could probably count the number of US TV show appearances on your fingers :D

  2. SERIOUSLY! He is so underappreciated here. I do still feel horrible that I missed watching his Conan (I think) performance the week after the Sept. 22nd show. I have it on youtube faves now, but I would have loved to see it when it actually aired!

  3. Eeeek! Sorry, I can't think of much else to say besides "eeek!"

  4. MsEmJ, did you not have this? Please tell me you didn't!

  5. The only thing I've seen before is the first one. He's talking about Shane MacGowan. Lovely stuff.

  6. Oh, duh! That makes so much sense. I'm glad you hadn't seen the rest. YAAAAAY! My five hours of uploading wasn't wasted! Or three hours...whatever it was.

    I wish there WAS a volume 1. The long, long hair...maybe him singing "Loverman" or some such. This was amazing enough, though. I had it on my computer for months before I watched it, and when I did finally give it a look, I felt like a moron for not watching it sooner. It's AMAZING. Like...Nick Cave time travel!

    The painted nails of Nick's fascinate me. Just an aside. I can imagine P.J. having painted them for him, but then in the clip it looked like he'd tried to pick the paint off or something. Haha. :D