Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nick Cave & Flexin' His Muscles

Depending upon what you think of this video, the fact that I will be sharing more similar to this could be awesome or annoying.

I choose to think that you will all be downright amused.

Nick Cave talks about his ripped bod, THESE PICS we are all obsessed with, and the joys of being a sexy porn star-lookin' bloke. Oh, and he flexes for you. A LOT.

Made by me, if you couldn't tell. I am so super lame! YES! :D


  1. Color me "downright amused" then! All I could do while watching this was point at the screen and laugh like a mental patient!
    *Watches again. Pees self*

  2. Hilarious! I nearly fell off my chair laughing!
    Love Nicks high speaking voice & the Australian into Irish accent!

  3. Haha, I'm glad you all enjoyed my insanity. Sadly...amusingly?...I have more to share soon. :D

    "I lost my accent...and I sound like a girl...but you still think I'm the hottest pornstar-lookin' guy you've ever seen."