Monday, July 6, 2009

Arrrr! 2:30 am Goodies, Me Loves!

Don't forget to check out the last post. I was going to let more time elapse until the next post, but during my 2:30 am Internet rounds, I found several things I had to post.

  • First of all, give a look to THIS VIDEO of our guys performing a bit of "Tupelo" recently at Rock Werchter. And THIS ONE from musicaholic81 at youtube is "The Ship Song" from the same show. The videomaker had to record the big screen, but still enjoyable!

  • Next, Iceland Review has a little article mentioning Nick and Warren's involvement in the music for the Faust production. It doesn't really have too much new information, but as Nick often says (anyone else noticed this?)...THERE YOU GO!

  • Finally, I direct you all to the wonderful 3-page gallery of NC&tBS photos that Martyn Flash over at flickr posted. Seriously - there are some outstanding shots. Make sure you leave Martyn a comment of thanks!

    Click Nick to view Martyn's wonderful gallery of 145 pics.


  1. Ooooh my god thank you for the link. That are the pictures of the show in Dresden, Germany and they are really great :D

  2. Thanks for the pics link! On the subject of pics, I've been going batty trying to track down an old copy of the Italian translation of "Bad Seed" solely because I want the cover photo and don't recall seeing it anywhere else :D

    *awesome cover photo*

    I've been translating freaking Italian bookseller pages for days and it's out of stock everywhere of course, seeing as how there weren't that many printed to start with.

    Normally I can find ANY Nick Cave thing within a week or two but this eludes me...grrr...I will find a copy one day!

  3. I LOVE that pic of him. When I found that (same version, by the looks of it), I freaked out. I wish we had a better scan!

    Have you tried They update very regularly, are based in Portland (where I live), and are supposedly the largest (or one of) independently owned bookstore in the U.S. There are all these rooms of books, three stories high, and I LIVE there sometimes.

    This doesn't do it justice.

  4. Yep, tried Powell's - actually I used to work across the street from Powell's! Freaking. Loved. That. Place.
    I'd get lost for days I swear!