Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heathen Child Song of the Year

If you haven't heard the GREAT news, Grinderman picked up Song of the Year at this year's MOJO Awards. :) YAAAAAAY! Much congratulations to them; they definitely deserve it!

Here's the video of them accepting the award:

Here's an amaaaaazing version of Kitchenette to celebrate (thanks, herecomethewolfman *wink*):

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hair Telegraph

To pick up the new Grinderman single, "Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man". I always buy through Mute's official website. Keep in mind, however, that for me here in the United States, it takes around a month to receive my order. That being said: worth the wait? I think so.


This is from the March 2001 Telegraph. I will assume I found it on Tumblr; if you know whose it is, let me know because it's LOVELY. Text from this article can be FOUND HERE.

Here is Nick with some awesome hair:

And here is Billy Corgan being a douche like always, and Nick being amusing:

Friday, July 1, 2011

She's Not There, But Heathen Child Is

First of all, Grinderman's "Heathen Child" has been nominated as song of the year HERE, so be sure to vote for them! You have to vote for each category, and I don't know most of the other artists, but anything for Grinderman to get more votes. :)

Also, if you haven't yet heard the AMAZING version of "She's Not There" that Nick did with Neko Case, it is FANTASTIC! I would embed it, but I'm on my phone. Here's the direct link: RIGHT HERE. You will all LOVE it.

I will scan some articles and pics for you all soon. Hope you are all well (I'm sick).