Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reading in Roundhouse - London

How badly do you need to see the lovely photos purplecatster took at Mr. Cave's reading at the Roundhouse in London? The one for Bunny Munro, which took place July 24th? Well...judging by the picture below, pretty farkin' badly. Also, he seems to have a coldsore. As someone currently suffering from one, I can empathize. :-/

Photo by purplecatster @ flickr

Purplecatster's Lovely Photos Here

REMINDER: You have until September 3rd to send in your stuff for the birthday fan book. LINK IS HERE!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nick Cave & Flexin' His Muscles

Depending upon what you think of this video, the fact that I will be sharing more similar to this could be awesome or annoying.

I choose to think that you will all be downright amused.

Nick Cave talks about his ripped bod, THESE PICS we are all obsessed with, and the joys of being a sexy porn star-lookin' bloke. Oh, and he flexes for you. A LOT.

Made by me, if you couldn't tell. I am so super lame! YES! :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bald Beaut

Wow. That wasn't the most flattering picture, so here's another one:

Nick is losing his hair. He has been for awhile. What do you think he should do?

a.) Go bald naturally
b.) Shave his head at a certain point
c.) Hair transplant (have you seen documentaries on these things? SO GROSS! Still...effective.)
d.) Get a hairpiece/toupee
e.) Wear hats

My vote is c, but I can't imagine him being that vain, so I may have to go with e. Some people can pull off bald...not sure about the Caveman.

MY NEXT POST IS GOING TO BE LAMELY EPIC. You will love it! Expect it like...tomorrow.

Also, every few weeks, I will remind you to send in your stuff for the Fan Project. Off I go to listen to PJ.

Friday, July 17, 2009

52nd Birthday Fan Project!

Click to view full-size announcement of utmost importance!

But, I really don't want to take my picture. Or my dog has a better mustache.

Where can you find a 'stache? Google "moustache" or "mustache,"
use these, or search for Grinderman stuff:

Any other questions can be directed at ziggy(underscore)star(at)comcast(dot)net, or left here as a comment. I really hope some of you are willing to do this! Is it lame? Yes. Is it going to be amusing as hell? Most definitely!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nick Cave Porn

Oh, come on! Like you didn't know I find the man attractive. Laura just rendered me speechless with another amazing Cave find. I have no words. Well, I do, but they make me sound like a horny stalker. I have no idea what is going on in these photos, but like it matters.

Click for full-size artistic merit amusement artistic nudity. Oh, fuck it - I know you're all as perverted as Laura and me. Don't feign innocence.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Running in the Rain

You guys/gals may know what I'm talking about (sings, "aaaaand I don'tknowwhatI'mtalkin'abouuuut" from 'Babe, I Got You Bad'). Somewhere on youtube is a video someone recorded of Mr. Cave running in the rain. They recorded it from their apartment window and had a Grinderman song playing.

I neeeeed that video. I can't find it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr. Cave the Luddite

I didn't want to not update over the weekend. So yes. I found this while randomly searching and it is FUCKING EPIC.

It is my wallpaper. And it is perfect. And gorgeous. AND YOU LOVE IT!!! We miss you, Magical 'Stache of Doom!!!

Click for full-size greatness.

Have a fantastic weekend! Don't drink and drive (my friend says, "that's why I've never gotten a license!"), but have fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

White Lunar

From the newly-updated official site comes the following news:

"White Lunar, a two CD set to be released by Mute on 21st September 2009 [NOTE: that's my birthday! - outofsorrow], contains music they composed from [The Assassination of Jesse James... and The Proposition], along with a selection of their cinematic scores, including rare and previously unavailable material...

...Accompanying the soundtracks on the second disc are four pieces drawn from the Cave & Ellis archives, all named after craters: “Magma” is constructed from a chorus of Warrens singing a pitch-shifted riff, “Zanstra” swarms like a storm of hornets besieging a submarine, “Halo” finds pastoral calm in the eager teeth of defeat and “Daedalus” rises sure as the sun, with dewy flute and fluttering piano motes, before a sudden fade. The sequence is conceived as a suite. “Listen to it as you might listen to an instrumental album” recommends Ellis, as “some kind of trip”."


I'd like to direct you all to Joe's blog, Kakophonia. They have some lovely BND bootlegs up, as well as stuff by Crime and the City Solution (Mick and Rowland's band), E. Neubauten, Birthday Party, P.J., basically GREAT stuff.

Go check it out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why We All Must Thank Laura

Laura, Laura, what to say? I can't even tell you how awesome this lady is. She uploaded the Nick bits (including the bits he shot) from Ritual Habitual, the documentary about Big Day Out 1996. Nick Cave Fixes just had a way too adorable clip of Nick splashing in a pool posted, and I freaked the hell out, desiring the rest of the video.

Well, quite frankly, LAURA IS ABSO-GENEROUS-LUTELY AMAZING! Not only was she kind enough to share this with me, but she let me know I can share it with all of you as well! This documentary is quite hard to find, apparently, and when it is found, it's drastically expensive (I have a site bookmarked that makes DVD-R's of it if you want to spend the $15, but I think you can make your own from this).

Laura put all the Nick bits in one 55-minute package. So it's rather large, but you MUST see it (melt at Nick's smile & dorkiness @ 7 mins., 34 s.). YOU. NEED. THIS. VIDEO. I haven't watched it all yet, but I'm too ecstatic not to share right now. Seriously - thank Laura! She deserves all the hugs in the world!

NSFW seven mins. or so in (only lasts a few seconds).
Nick Cave Bits of Ritual Habitual
(If link dies, let me know and I will reupload.)

NOTE: I feel like saying to NCF, I hope you don't think I'm intentionally ripping you off by posting this right after you shared the pool clip. Seriously not my intent, so I felt I should say so. I love you guys/gals and have the utmost love for you and NCF! You are the BEST.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eulogies for a 'Stache

(Sorry, I don't recall where I found that photo. I love how Warren and that other guy look so happy, and Nick's all, "MUST. BE. SERIOUS. MUST. NOT. SMILE. How can I look as badass as possible? Ah, yes...*gives the finger, then begins to chuckle* Oh. Erm. I mean...*badass face*")

I realized that, after posting THIS entry back in May, I never properly mourned the Death of 'Stache. It is time, folks.

BlackCoffeeDuck (at posted a very amusing eulogy to The Magical 'Stache of Doom (as I dubbed it):

"Unfortunately his moustache, which 'My wife shaved it off while I was sleeping' (he amused the audience with the story behind his lost mustache last weekend) has not been sent on to this exhibition. His mustache first appeared on his face in 2005 with the motorbike handle bars style...Grinderman was promoted with "hairy" being one of the words with "dirty and old enough to know better", which was the image of the band with Warren Ellis crazy beard, Jim Sclavunos' goatee and even Martyn P. Casey growing his hair long like a metal head or something. In the film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford he sang the old traditional song Jesse James with his mustache in full glory. He was a judge at the World Beard and Moustache Championships 2007 with it in Brighton. A smaller or neater mustache appeared at the start of 2008 and joined Cave for Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and the tours of Europe, England, America and Australia early this year. So Nick Cave's mustache has been (for time being) put to rest at the very young age of four years old, Rest In Peace: Nick Cave's Moustache 2005-2009."

Much thanks to blackcoffeeduck for taking the Death of 'Stache so seriously, and for making me laugh despite my tears of mourning.

"The Death of 'Stache" (by me)

its beautiful darkness
like the inky black night
its personality and charm
that beautiful caterpillar perched
so peaceful and refined
it flew the coop
it bit the dust
that 'pillar went kaput
and now the lip is cold and bare
and we mourn its demise

If you have your own 'Stache Eulogies, leave them in a comment.

Arrrr! 2:30 am Goodies, Me Loves!

Don't forget to check out the last post. I was going to let more time elapse until the next post, but during my 2:30 am Internet rounds, I found several things I had to post.

  • First of all, give a look to THIS VIDEO of our guys performing a bit of "Tupelo" recently at Rock Werchter. And THIS ONE from musicaholic81 at youtube is "The Ship Song" from the same show. The videomaker had to record the big screen, but still enjoyable!

  • Next, Iceland Review has a little article mentioning Nick and Warren's involvement in the music for the Faust production. It doesn't really have too much new information, but as Nick often says (anyone else noticed this?)...THERE YOU GO!

  • Finally, I direct you all to the wonderful 3-page gallery of NC&tBS photos that Martyn Flash over at flickr posted. Seriously - there are some outstanding shots. Make sure you leave Martyn a comment of thanks!

    Click Nick to view Martyn's wonderful gallery of 145 pics.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Later Vol. 2

Watching the video this post is about has made me realize that either Mr. Cave had his teeth straightened, or he had a jagged tooth on the top left row of his teeth removed. Look in his mouth during some of the close-ups and you can see it. Then, later on, the jagged tooth is gone. Anyone else notice this? Prob'ly not; I am strange and have a crooked teeth obsession. But seriously, the post after this one (above this one, I mean), his teeth are perfect. Don't ask. I am so fucking tired.

Apologies if you all already have this. I am poor and don't have the means to buy awesome goodies. Hopefully, this is something at least one of you didn't already have. I am quite sure many of you have seen these performances on youtube, etc. However, this lovely, big-assed AVI file has them all in one lovely, 600MB, 45-minute-long file for you to download and enjoy. If you have a really horrible Internet connection, you can find these on youtube. I just like how it's this huge, handy AVI file. :D

This is The Later Performances : Volume 2. I didn't put this together, but thanks goes to whoever did. I have tried in vain to find "Volume 1," and am quite convinced that calling this one "Volume 2" is some kind of a sick joke, as I’ve never found a Volume 1.
Includes (NOTE: some aspect ratio funkiness on some of ‘em):
  1. fragment from an interview that I don’t get because I’ve no idea who he’s talking about

  2. gorgeous version of“Rainy Night in Soho” w/ footage of punks

  3. “God Is In the House” w/Nick at the piano, surrounded by the Seeds (Blixa and Mick – AWWW!)

  4. “Nature Boy”

  5. Interview with a very handsome Nick at the piano, in which he talks about Johnny Cash, AB/LoO, John Peel; then Nick says they’re about to sing “There She Goes, My Beautiful World” but the performance shown is “Nature Boy” for some reason
    [NOTE: I analyzed this with #4 to see if it’s the same performance, and it took me FOREVER to determine they are not the same. In #4, Nick faces the audience as he does that arm motion to signal the end of the song type thing, and in #5, he does the same arm motion but with his back to the audience. Also, in #4 the backup singers totally block the piano and in #5 they’re placed behind it. THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION!]

  6. A fucking FANTASTIC performance of Grinderman’s “No Pussy Blues”, in which Mr. Cave kinda looks like his guitar is electrocuting him and it ROCKS!

  7. “More News From Nowhere”

  8. “Dig!!!, Lazarus, Dig!!!” (Nick and a few of the others donning sunglasses)

  9. “Stagger Lee” (Nick’s fingernails are painted pink like P.J.'s and P.J. is dancing offstage.)

  10. “Henry Lee” with P.J. from the same show as Stagger Lee

  11. Grinderman’s “Honey Bee Let’s Fly to Mars” (my favorite song of theirs)

When the link expires, let me know and I will re-upload it.
Nick Cave : Later Volume 2

I have more random goodies, but this thing is big enough for its own post. I'll post some other treats in the next couple of days.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Secret-y Me

I am uploading something I hope few of you have seen, but knowing my luck, you have. It is huge and is taking over four hours to upload.

God, I hope some of you don't already have it. I had it on my computer for MONTHS before watching it, and it was frickin' amazing and I felt dumb for not watching it sooner.

*goes away, being secretive*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prepare the Resuscitation Devices

I search for NC photos online basically every day. This means that I usually just see the same pictures over and over. Sometimes, though (as the lovely Laura would say), the Roulette wheel of Google Search is in my favor and I find something amazing. Something that makes me think, "How the HELL have I never seen that before?!" Something that, yes, makes me freak out.

I won't say more...I will just prepare the resuscitation devices.

I usually try to downplay the "he is so hot" thing as much as possible, just because I don't want to come across as someone who only likes him because he's good-looking. Sometimes, it can't be avoided and I simply must...


(outofsorrow is unconscious)