Thursday, July 9, 2009

White Lunar

From the newly-updated official site comes the following news:

"White Lunar, a two CD set to be released by Mute on 21st September 2009 [NOTE: that's my birthday! - outofsorrow], contains music they composed from [The Assassination of Jesse James... and The Proposition], along with a selection of their cinematic scores, including rare and previously unavailable material...

...Accompanying the soundtracks on the second disc are four pieces drawn from the Cave & Ellis archives, all named after craters: “Magma” is constructed from a chorus of Warrens singing a pitch-shifted riff, “Zanstra” swarms like a storm of hornets besieging a submarine, “Halo” finds pastoral calm in the eager teeth of defeat and “Daedalus” rises sure as the sun, with dewy flute and fluttering piano motes, before a sudden fade. The sequence is conceived as a suite. “Listen to it as you might listen to an instrumental album” recommends Ellis, as “some kind of trip”."


  1. Thinking back on the last few years of Cave output (G-man, DLD, soundtracks, book) I swear there are actually 3 Nick Caves. I have no idea how the hell he manages to produce so much great material so quickly and consistently, but I think they must make Amp from his sweat or something :D

  2. If there were three NC's, that would be amazing. But it's even more amazing that there is only one. I agree. OMG he is intense!

    I could mention something about NC's sweat, but it is super creepy and stalkerish, so I will say - Amp made from his sweat = YES.