Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prepare the Resuscitation Devices

I search for NC photos online basically every day. This means that I usually just see the same pictures over and over. Sometimes, though (as the lovely Laura would say), the Roulette wheel of Google Search is in my favor and I find something amazing. Something that makes me think, "How the HELL have I never seen that before?!" Something that, yes, makes me freak out.

I won't say more...I will just prepare the resuscitation devices.

I usually try to downplay the "he is so hot" thing as much as possible, just because I don't want to come across as someone who only likes him because he's good-looking. Sometimes, it can't be avoided and I simply must...


(outofsorrow is unconscious)


  1. Hah - forgot the non-linkage of blogger again, go me!

    Good thing I took your advice and had the defibs handy.
    Those moments when your eyes bug out because after 20-odd pages of the same old stuff in Google Images you come across something like this...
    Ah yes, that's what keeps me on the hunt during lunch hour! :D

    I freaking love you thank you for this post!
    In honor of His Cave-iness and my obsessive scanning...

    Click here for a 1996 OOR mag



    No the caps lock wasn't on...I'm just excitable.

  2. Oh, lord...oh jesus...I am about to pass out again and I haven't even DOWNLOADED those yet. Knowing you...and knowing Nick...they are phenomenal.

    For my next post, I'll scan one of the articles (maybe more) that I have-

    OH MY GOD THE OOR IS DONE. *looks* HOLY EFFING EFF! Okay, the one standing in front of the door...I SERIOUSLY made this weird, back of the throat "URGH" sound that sounded like a seal. It was strange. BUT HOLY CRAP.

    *faints* THE ONE WITH THE GUN! For fuck's sake...*dies*

    You are SO AMAZING. THANK YOU!!! I am indebted to you now and I've no idea how to repay you. OMG it's taking 16 minutes for the motherload one...don't know why...omg good thing my mom gifted me some new color ink, cuz that OOR stuff is getting PRINTED, STAT. JESUS CHRIST, MARY, JOSEPH, AND THE THREE WISE MEN!


  3. It's done...WHERE do you get this stuff?! Wait, how long have you been a fan? Cuz seriously, well, I've listened to him only since '02 but wasn't looking for pics/articles 'til a few years ago. WHAT THE HELL?! SO MUCH BEAUTY! GAAAAAH! You must actually like me to share this beauty with me. *dies-dies-dies*

    The "too damn good looking," the "thumbs" one...I haven't even seen 'em all yet. GAH I wish I had stuff to share with you. I feel like a selfish bastard. GUH GUH GUH.

    Just so I know for future reference, this stuff you are sharing with me (because you're a SAINT and AMAZING and I ADORE you), do you want me to just hoarde it for myself, or am I allowed to put a few of these up? If not, that's perfectly fine. I'm just grateful that there's people as nice as you in the NC world willing to share this stuff with me.

    GUH!!!! MUST OWN ALL THE MAGS I CAN FIND!!! I always wonder, seeing stuff on ebay, "hmm, but I wonder if there are pics inside to warrant buying it?" WOW WOW WOW, well THAT OOR definitely, and holy CRAP.

    I can't talk sense anymore.

    *dazed expression*



    I TOTALLY did the seal sound again at "Nick the Gangsta". I sound like it's mating season at Sea World.

  5. :D I'm glad you're enjoying them! I have absolutely no control over the bizarre gurgling and choking noises I make upon viewing new NC pix. It's the weirdest phenomenon. Your repayment is this awesomely fun blog! You rule!

    I've only been a fan for - get ready for this - about a year. Yet in that time I've amassed a truly insane collection of Nick crap (which I'm actually making a trade blog/display blog for), and apparently know more about Nick Cave than anything else. Too bad he's not a major in college. I'd ace that shit. When I get into something I generally find out everything possible about it, spend way too much time thinking about it, and go nuts collecting shit having to do with it. And Nick Cave is like that...on crack. :D My poor boyfriend feels I'm adorably nuts :P
    Despite being too young for "real" job I managed to land a great one around the time I got into Nick so I can fund my wackiness :D

    Feel free to post some pics, totally! I'm all about sharing the Nickness :D

    As far as where I get stuff, a lot of it is from eBay and small sketchy sites of course :D and a lot just comes from the international network of Nick obsessives I am entrenched in :D

    The mags from the Netherlands, like OOR are usually the best for pics :) They all have ones I've never seen anywhere else that are totally *guh!*

  6. Oh just to clarify by "feel free to post some pics" I mean feel free to post anything I've shared. :)

    I just looked at "penetrating gaze" again and sounded like a larhe aquatic mammal. I'd better stop!

  7. OMG, I love you two! There’s so much great stuff on this blog and I have to say that I really admire your creativity, BCK! Your topics and posts on are sooo hilarious and crazy that I wonder where you keep getting inspiration from :))). Just reading about the pictures made me wanna smash my computer because I don’t have fast internet access at the moment and I’m afraid I won’t be able to download the pictures later :((( Laura, pleeeease, don’t remove the pics, I’d really love to see them!

    The "too damn good looking," the "thumbs" one...
    THE SMILE ONE!!!!!
    Nick the Gangsta
    "penetrating gaze"

    ARG! I shouldn’t have read the comments!!!

  8. Awwww, "Anonymous," you made my day, which just started (I'm a night owl - it's 4 pm!!). I am so glad that you love my stuff here and on the forums. I ADORE most of the people over on the N-C forums.

    If you weren't able to get the pics (I HOPE you were!) I could definitely always scale them down in size for you - Laura is awesome about scanning huge (and I mean HUUUUUUUUUGE) photos of The Man. I could shrink 'em down so you could get them, although smaller, of course.

    Let me know! Oh, and I have this FABULOUSLY WACKY/STRANGE idea of something to do for an upcoming post here, and it's going to be horrid and amazing.

  9. Thanks for offering to scale them down but I don’t want you to go to so much trouble for me, plus I don’t think it would help – my dial-up provides the transfer rate of about 28 kbps so it would take me literally HOURS to download the pics (if I’m lucky, that is, because the connection often breaks). I’ll email a friend who's got ADSL and ask him to download them, and then I'll get them the next time I see him!

    OMG, the upcoming post! Why, WHY are you doing this to me? :)))

  10. GUH! You gals/guys/etc. I am still bummed I can't find the quote about NC not limiting himself to women. I wanna say it's from early 90s or late 80s. At least I know he said something to those effects...but why I didn't save that quote is beyond me. Maybe I wasn't super obsessed at that point...?

    Anyway, I hope no one has the thing I'm uploading, though I know it's out there. I just thought it was intensely fantastic when I finally watched it. It's like, no matter when you think NC looked best, you'll like it.

  11. Oh, and Anonymous - you will DEFINITELY need someone to download the thing I'm uploading, obviously. Unless I, like, burnt it to a CD and mailed it you, which I could do also.

  12. Hey Anonymous!
    No worries, I'll leave the pics up indefinitely, so you can dl them later when you can :)
    At least you know you have some great eye candy to look forward to! :D

    Argh, OutofSorrow I'm trying to remember that interview too! I can't recall if it was video, something I read online or something I read in one of my mags. I'm leaning toward an interview I read online...I bet it I could narrow down the media I could find it! Even though I keep feeling as though it should have been the 80's, some voice in my head is saying it was surprisingly from the mid-90s....course I'm pretty much talking out of my arse now!

  13. I'm thinking the same as you. I'm thinking online and prob'ly mid 90s too...I've checked the interviews on and what-not (just quickly skimming), and random googling. GUH! Why would we not have saved it?!

    I am going to keep googling "nick cave interview" and "nick cave articles," etc. If both of us take this on, maybe we will find it sooner! It might not even be online anymore. But I won't think that way. I'm sure finding it would be kind of anti-climactic at this point, but I just want to prove to both of us, "SEE! THERE IT IS! THE LITTLE ELUSIVE BASTARD!"

  14. I'm late to this little section, but holy crap, that picture file was pretty much exactly what I've been looking for for a while. Hooray, a good few pictures I haven't seen (and can. . .use for RP, teehee). Thanks for sharing.

  15. ROFL. And here I'd thought I'd stumbled upon something new.

    <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA. I have had a hell of a time going through these and I already want to make some designs based around a few of them.

    XD I wish I had your resources.