Monday, July 6, 2009

Eulogies for a 'Stache

(Sorry, I don't recall where I found that photo. I love how Warren and that other guy look so happy, and Nick's all, "MUST. BE. SERIOUS. MUST. NOT. SMILE. How can I look as badass as possible? Ah, yes...*gives the finger, then begins to chuckle* Oh. Erm. I mean...*badass face*")

I realized that, after posting THIS entry back in May, I never properly mourned the Death of 'Stache. It is time, folks.

BlackCoffeeDuck (at posted a very amusing eulogy to The Magical 'Stache of Doom (as I dubbed it):

"Unfortunately his moustache, which 'My wife shaved it off while I was sleeping' (he amused the audience with the story behind his lost mustache last weekend) has not been sent on to this exhibition. His mustache first appeared on his face in 2005 with the motorbike handle bars style...Grinderman was promoted with "hairy" being one of the words with "dirty and old enough to know better", which was the image of the band with Warren Ellis crazy beard, Jim Sclavunos' goatee and even Martyn P. Casey growing his hair long like a metal head or something. In the film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford he sang the old traditional song Jesse James with his mustache in full glory. He was a judge at the World Beard and Moustache Championships 2007 with it in Brighton. A smaller or neater mustache appeared at the start of 2008 and joined Cave for Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and the tours of Europe, England, America and Australia early this year. So Nick Cave's mustache has been (for time being) put to rest at the very young age of four years old, Rest In Peace: Nick Cave's Moustache 2005-2009."

Much thanks to blackcoffeeduck for taking the Death of 'Stache so seriously, and for making me laugh despite my tears of mourning.

"The Death of 'Stache" (by me)

its beautiful darkness
like the inky black night
its personality and charm
that beautiful caterpillar perched
so peaceful and refined
it flew the coop
it bit the dust
that 'pillar went kaput
and now the lip is cold and bare
and we mourn its demise

If you have your own 'Stache Eulogies, leave them in a comment.


  1. Why's it always Susie's fault? He claimed she was the one who liked it at first, because 'A man without a mustache is like a woman with one,' and now she shaved it off. . .tsk tsk.

  2. I've waxed poetic about the 'stache on my own blog. Oh, 'stache I will miss you so!

  3. Pssst! This has nothing to do with a 'stache but if you check your DeviantArt messages you will be very happy!
    :D muahaha *waggles fingers mysteriously*

  4. I wish I could reply to each comment individually. Oh, well.

    Jamie - I know...seriously, Susie. Though I would imagine the tickling-nose effect of the 'stache might get annoying after awhile. Heehee. Not sure if she really did shave it off or not, but just imagining her shaving off his 'stache while he slept is adorable to me.

    MsEmJ - guh! Where is this poetic 'stache waxing? know what I mean. I must read your bit about the lip-a-pillar!

    I don't remember how you had my deviantart id, but oh well...I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I will reply to your note at da. :D :D :D I LOVE YOU!!! *creepy, stalkerish grin*

  5. MsEmJ, holy crap, your entry was EPIC! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am so watching your blog now. :D

  6. He makes a lot of jokes, does he? I think he growed it because he thought it would be cool and he shaved it because he thought he did not need it anymore. I can be wrong, maybe his wife is the Stachenator and decides about everything that has to do with staches :D

    I first thought that he often tells some really funny (but not really true) stories when I watched the Videocollection-DVD and the comments of them. Some were so hilarious..especially the one where they tell that the "Red Right Hand"-Vid is too mad and they are not happy with the turkey-scene. Until today i am not sure if they really think its too mad or if that was a sarcastic joke, because they do and did so many really weird things *giggles*

  7. Uuuh i must upgrade my poor english. I mean "He grew it.."