Sunday, July 12, 2009

Running in the Rain

You guys/gals may know what I'm talking about (sings, "aaaaand I don'tknowwhatI'mtalkin'abouuuut" from 'Babe, I Got You Bad'). Somewhere on youtube is a video someone recorded of Mr. Cave running in the rain. They recorded it from their apartment window and had a Grinderman song playing.

I neeeeed that video. I can't find it!


  1. YES! Holy shit! I was a bit drunk last night and am surprised this entry was coherent. But yes, that's it! I love how she's all, "are we stalkers?" or whatever she says. The bald head of Mr. Cave is just...its magical.


    Click here to be blinded by the Nick

    Click here for more shirtless antics

    Click here - I am a perv - nice undies, Nick

    Sadly my work computer (oh God I just admitted this is what I do at work) has no sound, so I can't hear what's going on in this vid, but I'm sure it's amusing:
    Click here for Nick the Pre-Stripper

    I'm not sure what the hell was going on in that room but Bing Photo Search Roulette paid off royally!

  3. HOLY FUCKING FUCK. Where the SHIT did you find those?! What...the fucking...fuck. I was in a PMS mood, and THAT...WHOA. OH MY FUCK.

    That is THE hottest thing I have EVER EVER SEEN. The 'stache...the NIPPLE. I wondered if he had "anita" covered up, but HOLY FUCKING...GAAAAAAAAAAH! If I didn't look like a sweaty ass right now, I'd videorecord my reaction. HOLY HELL. Just...wha-...the...there are NO BLOODY WORDS FOR HOW AMAZING THOSE ARE.

    I SAW THOSE NIPPLES IN, his gaping shirt, but those...are hot...and HUGE (I mean, the pics are huge, not his nipples). DUDE...DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

    I thought he was a briefs man, but OH MY GOD. SO FUCKING HOT.

    Sorry for the swearing, but OH MY GOD. WHY is he disrobing in front of that guy and WHY was I not there to lick those nipples?!

    I am a PERVERT. And you, my dear, much-loved Laura, are a GODDESS! I'm not even fainting from those pics...I am COMATOSE!!!!!

  4. Seriously, Laura, I am going to love you for finding those pics until I DIE. Yes, when I am ninety and dying in a rest home (pleae, don't let me die in a rest home), I will say in a senile haze, " sucked at times...I had a few rough bowel movements, but I had my husband, I had my cat, and I had those sexy pictures of ol' Black Crow King. Now, bring me my Depends!"

  5. I found them on Bing! This week's been slow at work so I've been searching various combos of Nick cave-related phrases, and when I typed in "Nick Cave Birthday Party" some pic of Nick looking silly with a fan came up toward the end. I clicked on it and BAM! Suddenly there was was stripping down, an overload of flawless pale skin causing my eyes to roll 360 degrees in their sockets. I either went clinically dead for a couple moments or ascended to a higher plane of existence. Maybe both. The best part was the day before I'd searched every Bing image for "Nick Cave Birthday Party" and these were NOT there.

    The pictures raise so many questions...what's going on, who are these people, if I challenge Nick to an arm-wrestling match will he take his shirt off, does he usually press charges...

    'Tis my pleasure, my dear lovely lady! From this day forth, whenever life gets me down I will be able to think of these photos and feel 110% better :D It is fucking ridiculous!