Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reading in Roundhouse - London

How badly do you need to see the lovely photos purplecatster took at Mr. Cave's reading at the Roundhouse in London? The one for Bunny Munro, which took place July 24th? Well...judging by the picture below, pretty farkin' badly. Also, he seems to have a coldsore. As someone currently suffering from one, I can empathize. :-/

Photo by purplecatster @ flickr

Purplecatster's Lovely Photos Here

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  1. Great photos. I was wondering what it was on his lip. I've just got rid of one too!

  2. *sigh* these photos are fabulous!
    I hear there's a new reading up at the Bunny Munro site - audio of Nick reading Chapter 2...unabridged :)

  3. Laura, where do you get this stuff? *faints* Seriously, your collection must be epic!

  4. Hmm, I think I spend way too much time and money on Nick Cave crap and that's's a sickness and I should be on disability :D

    In my head the accompanying audio for that photo is "Raaaaawr! Fight me, I'm a dinosaur!" Totally what he was thinking. Totally.