Friday, January 30, 2009

Pink Fuzzy Scarf

I don't know what the story is, and I really don't care. He looks so fucking serious and pissed off.

This picture is downright fan-fucking-tastic. Click to make it bigger, pinker, and more gay fabulous.


I am framing it and putting it on my wall. It is inspiring. Go gay!

People Named Nick Hanging Out in Caves

I hate searching for Nick Cave pictures and finding tons of pictures of random douchebags...named caves.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bigger Than Jim Morrison

Why have I never stumbled across this interview before? [ LINK ] It features many amusing insights, including the gems below.

"Well, I was gonna pull my dick out but because I know for a fact mine is a lot larger than Jim Morrison's, but I thought, 'I'll let history stand.'"

I don't even think they're mistakes. I think you just gotta fuck up. I don't think you gotta make mistakes. "

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Who the Eff is Nick Cave?"

First of all: Nick is the feature of Mojo's March issue. Pick it up when it comes out! I already ordered it on eBay. It looks amazing - check it out by clicking the huge words up there ^. It comes with a CD of some of the songs that inspired Mr. Cave, similar to the Original Seeds [LINK] CD set .

Anyone have any interesting, "what the FUCK?!" moments like this? I was wasting my life on okcupid tests when some stupid IM pops up and it's this:

USERNAME OF DOUCHE:who the eff is nick cave
imajical:the greatest lyricist alive
imajical:Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, currently.
USERNAME OF DOUCHE:i thought he was in the birthday party
imajical:Yeah, in the 80's he was. I thought you didn't know who he was?
USERNAME OF DOUCHE: wtf? oh yah, I just googled it
imajical: [disables IM]

I also used to live in such a small town that when I went to the ONLY music store in a 30+-mile radius, it was stupid Sam Goody. Anyway, that's not the point. Point is, I went in, asked if they had any Nick Cave after not seeing any, to which one guy said, "Who's Nick Cave?" and I said, "oh, never mind. I guess he's too new of an artist" and left. What did I expect from that place?

Similar stories, anyone?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Songs Explored #1 - Night of the Lotus Eaters

Nick Cave songs explored, part #1, in which key references and tidbits found in his songs are explored, linked up, and b.s.-ed about. "Night of the Lotus Eaters" chosen as the first song because it was the first song he sang when I saw him on September 22nd in Portland, OR (his birthday). Enjoy.

Night of the Lotus Eaters

Sapped and stupid
I lie upon the stones and I swoons
The darling little dandelions have done their thing
And changed from suns into moons2
Dragons roam the shopping malls
I hear they're gonna eat our guts
If I had the strength I might pick up my sword
And make some attempt to resist

Get ready to shield yourself
Grab your sap3 and your heaters
Get ready to shield yourself
On the night of the lotus eaters

Mmmmm, don't you love me baby
Mmmmm, and don't you love my baby anymore

They gilded my scales, they fish-bowled me
And they toured me round the old aquariums
They come in their hordes to tap at the glass
The philistines4 and barbarians
I like floating here, it's nice
They've hung seaweed around my hips
And I do the hula for the hungry ones
And the lames all throw me tips

Get ready to shield yourself
Grab your sap and your heaters
Get ready to shield yourself
On the night of the lotus eaters

Mmmmm, don't you love me baby
Mmmmm, and don't you love me my baby anymore

Get ready to shield yourself
From our catastrophic leaders
Get ready to shield yourself
Grab your sap and your heaters
On the night of the lotus eaters

Now hit the streets
Now hit the streets

1 In Homer's famous Greek mythological tale, The Odyssey, the hero Odysseus and his crew wind up north of Cape Malea. They find a land populated by a group of forgetful people who ingest lotus flowers in order to reach a peaceful, dreamy state. The crew also ingests the potent flower, and remain in a sleepy stupor until Odysseus rescues them. These dream-inducing lotuses would most likely be blue lotuses, which produce sedation. [REF 1] [REF 2] [REF 3]

2 As in, when dandelions go from yellow, full flowers to cotton-like bits of fluff.

3 A small, stick-like weapon formerly common with law enforcement; generally a leather-wrapped lead weight. [REF]

4 In the Old Testament, perhaps Israel's worst enemy; one of the Sea People that invaded Egypt in ~1190 BC; monopolized iron goods and had tight political organization; eventually defeated by David. [REF 1] [REF 2] [REF 3]

What do I think?

This whole album could mean so many different things. Basically, I think this song is about people who could be doing more to help others (situations in whichever country one resides in, local politics, etc.), but are too caught up in a lazy, carefree life to put the effort in to get off their ass and do something about it. "If I had the strength I might pick up my sword and make some attempt to resist"
sounds an awful lot like someone too coddled by a simple life to really care about the goings-on in the world.

Then there's the bit about being fish-bowled, and toured 'round aquariums, and how he likes "floating here; it's nice" which makes me think it's Mr. Cave talking about how even he himself is aware that he could do more but sometimes doesn't.

Those are just my thoughts. What do you think?

Mick Harvey Quits

You all know this by now, but when I was making my next post, I found this out. LAME! I totally support his decision, and I'm glad I caught him on the Dig!!! tour, but that's just sad, really. Thank you for helping create some truly fantastic music, Mick. We'll miss you with the Seeds!

Bad Seeds co-founder Harvey quits

Posted Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:39pm AEDT

Mick Harvey, one of the founding members of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, is leaving the group.

After a quarter of a century with the award-winning Australian band, Harvey says he has decided to pursue other projects.

"For a variety of personal and professional reasons I have chosen to discontinue my ongoing involvement with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds," he said in a statement.

"After 25 years I feel I am leaving the band as it experiences one of its many peaks; in very healthy condition and with fantastic prospects for the future.

"I'm confident Nick will continue to be a creative force and that this is the right time to pass on my artistic and managerial role to what has become a tremendous group of people who can support him in his endeavours, both musically and organisationally."

Harvey and Cave formed the band in 1983. While the group has been through many personnel changes, they have remained the constants.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds have spent the past couple of weeks performing in Mt Buller, Victoria, Brisbane and Sydney as part of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival, which they also curated.

"It was a fantastic experience to finish my touring days in the band with the recent shows in Australia and the unique events that took place in conjunction with All Tomorrow's Parties, especially Mt Buller, which was one of the many highlights of my involvement with the band throughout the years," Harvey said.

"I shall continue working on the Bad Seeds back catalogue re-issues project over the coming year and look forward to the new opportunities I shall be able to accommodate as a result of my changed circumstances."

Harvey, a multi-instrumentalist, has released several solo albums.

- AAP (from

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poofter Homosexual

Expect loads of updates this week. Cave mixes and interpretations galore! For now, I leave you with this gay quote:

By the time [Nick Cave] was 12 he was getting into trouble, so his parents packed him off to a boarding school in Melbourne. That's where he met the boys who went on to become the Birthday Party. "We were interested in art and we weren't particularly interested in sport, so we were considered homosexuals. There's no two ways about it - we were the school poofters." There's a story that Cave and his friends walked through school one day carrying handbags, and when people shouted abuse at them, they walloped them with the bags, each of which contained a brick. Is that true? He looks weary. "Oh, you're only interested in the truth rather than a good, entertaining article." [ LINK ]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Seeds' Top Picks at ATP

List Bad Seeds' top picks cultish, cutting edge and … cutesy

Karl Quinn
January 3, 2009

Nick Cave, one of the legendary wild men of rock, has just added one of cinema's soppiest movies to the festival he and his bandmates, the Bad Seeds, are curating.

The 1970 tear-jerker Love Story will screen in the film program at All Tomorrow's Parties festival at Mount Buller, alongside more predictable fare such as The Proposition, which was written by Cave, and Ghosts … of the Civil Dead, in which he had a leading role.

And Cave predicts he'll be shedding a tear, too. "I cry at anything in the cinema," the 51-year-old musician said. "I cry at British Telecom ads."

He chose the film, he said, because "I'm just an Ali MacGraw nut". His bandmates Mick Harvey and Warren Ellis picked most of the films for the first Australian incarnation of the English-born festival, "but I threw that one in there. In between all the Kurosawa films, I thought it would be good to have it."

There is, in fact, just one Kurosawa film, the Japanese director's 1950 masterpiece, Rashomon, but the program is likely to please cineastes: the French New Wave classic Le Samourai, Peckinpah's The Getaway, Korean movie The Isle. There's also a fair smattering of cultish Australian movies — Walkabout, The Boys, the 1975 junkies-in-Melbourne drama Pure Shit — plus Mel Gibson's Mayan epic, Apocalypto.

Also just announced for the festival is a visual arts program dedicated entirely to the works of Louis Wain. Wain rose to prominence in the late 19th century with his anthropomorphic images of cats behaving like Englishmen. He died, insane and in obscurity, in 1939, but his works have in recent years become highly collectable — by Nick Cave, among others.

So, are any of the 15 works on display Cave's? "Absolutely not," he said. "I've been lending mine out forever and I'm fucking sick of it. I want them back."




This blog will serve as a place for me to finally place all my Nick Cave stuff in a semi-organized location. I realized the other day that my notebooks are full of random lists (i.e., angry Nick Cave songs, danceable Nick Cave songs, highlights in Nick Cave songs, best Nick Cave quotes, etc.), images are taking over my computer, and I talk way too much in my LiveJournal about Nick Cave that it has clogged everything and more than likely bored the shit out of non-Nick Cave fans who read me there.

Therefore, I have created this blog. It will be sporadically updated (such is my way) and full of quotes (from songs, interviews, books), images, youtube findings, obsessive lists, brief research done on things Nick mentions in his songs, random news, and so forth.

I am creating this blog for myself first and foremost, but if any of you find yourself intrigued, do feel free to bookmark/add the RSS to your watch list. I look forward to at last placing my slew of Nick Cave goodies and thoughts into something that can, at the very least, be organized by tags. It will still be random, but at least that's something.

If any of you are on LiveJournal, this site's feed there is nickcavesanctum, so add it if you'd like.

Here's to my new Nick Cave blog! WOOHOO!