Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Who the Eff is Nick Cave?"

First of all: Nick is the feature of Mojo's March issue. Pick it up when it comes out! I already ordered it on eBay. It looks amazing - check it out by clicking the huge words up there ^. It comes with a CD of some of the songs that inspired Mr. Cave, similar to the Original Seeds [LINK] CD set .

Anyone have any interesting, "what the FUCK?!" moments like this? I was wasting my life on okcupid tests when some stupid IM pops up and it's this:

USERNAME OF DOUCHE:who the eff is nick cave
imajical:the greatest lyricist alive
imajical:Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, currently.
USERNAME OF DOUCHE:i thought he was in the birthday party
imajical:Yeah, in the 80's he was. I thought you didn't know who he was?
USERNAME OF DOUCHE: wtf? oh yah, I just googled it
imajical: [disables IM]

I also used to live in such a small town that when I went to the ONLY music store in a 30+-mile radius, it was stupid Sam Goody. Anyway, that's not the point. Point is, I went in, asked if they had any Nick Cave after not seeing any, to which one guy said, "Who's Nick Cave?" and I said, "oh, never mind. I guess he's too new of an artist" and left. What did I expect from that place?

Similar stories, anyone?


  1. *listening to Nick on the bus*
    Dude in random cowboy hat: "Whatcha listenin' to thar?"
    Me: "Nick Cave."
    Dude: "Eh?"
    Me: *brandishing First Born CD cover as visual aid* "Nick Cave."
    Dude: "She's kind of ugly."
    Me: *smacks forehead*

  2. Okay, "ugly" = no.
    "She" = amusing, but

    That's a great story. Sad and horrible, but great. :D

  3. "Sad and horrible, but great."
    Yep. :D
    I suppose when I start a Nick Cave story off with "Dude in random cowboy hat" and I'm not talking about Tracy, one could anticipate how it's gonna end...