Tuesday, January 13, 2009



This blog will serve as a place for me to finally place all my Nick Cave stuff in a semi-organized location. I realized the other day that my notebooks are full of random lists (i.e., angry Nick Cave songs, danceable Nick Cave songs, highlights in Nick Cave songs, best Nick Cave quotes, etc.), images are taking over my computer, and I talk way too much in my LiveJournal about Nick Cave that it has clogged everything and more than likely bored the shit out of non-Nick Cave fans who read me there.

Therefore, I have created this blog. It will be sporadically updated (such is my way) and full of quotes (from songs, interviews, books), images, youtube findings, obsessive lists, brief research done on things Nick mentions in his songs, random news, and so forth.

I am creating this blog for myself first and foremost, but if any of you find yourself intrigued, do feel free to bookmark/add the RSS to your watch list. I look forward to at last placing my slew of Nick Cave goodies and thoughts into something that can, at the very least, be organized by tags. It will still be random, but at least that's something.

If any of you are on LiveJournal, this site's feed there is nickcavesanctum, so add it if you'd like.

Here's to my new Nick Cave blog! WOOHOO!

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