Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poofter Homosexual

Expect loads of updates this week. Cave mixes and interpretations galore! For now, I leave you with this gay quote:

By the time [Nick Cave] was 12 he was getting into trouble, so his parents packed him off to a boarding school in Melbourne. That's where he met the boys who went on to become the Birthday Party. "We were interested in art and we weren't particularly interested in sport, so we were considered homosexuals. There's no two ways about it - we were the school poofters." There's a story that Cave and his friends walked through school one day carrying handbags, and when people shouted abuse at them, they walloped them with the bags, each of which contained a brick. Is that true? He looks weary. "Oh, you're only interested in the truth rather than a good, entertaining article." [ LINK ]

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