Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Like Christmas, Only in the Summer...and With More Cave, Less Jesus

A guy just sold me TWENTY ONE issues of NME for $40. Nineteen of them contain Mr. Cave in some way, so...some of that stuff will make its way into the blog.


I've already come across awesome pics I've never seen, and even *GASP!* (so far) one the Great Laura hasn't. pretty much like finding the meaning of life.

Courtesy of thesoulbreath, the song that made me a Cave fan immediately (it's the first track on the Best Of, so...that was all it took. Then I realized that album was totally unnecessary, since I wanted to go out and get all his albums right away):

I. Love. Tumblr. And I love people on Tumblr who share stuff and credit where they got it. It is a goldmine of awesome photos.



Because Nick and Blixa are friends and all, I just want to post three Neubauten songs that got me into them finally. Enjoy.

The Alles Wieder Offen album did it for me; it's less abrasively experimental than their other stuff, so maybe you should give it a listen as well?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer, Hurry Up!

How this term at college has made me feel:

(Pic from tumblr somewhere.)

This whole concert the performance below is from made me fall in love with Cave's music all over again, and it actually made me cry...and it's not easy to get me to cry. Thi

And for something completely different:

Thanks to thesoulbreath, as always, for sharing such amazing videos!

As of next Thursday, it will be summer break for me, and you know what that means? MORE UPDATES!

I am obsessed with E. Neubauten now. I KNOW, complete 180 from how I used to be, but now I can't get enough of them. Blixa is a fucking genius.