Saturday, December 3, 2011

Did Nick Cave Get the 'Stache Book OR How I Confused Nick Cave

Because I am lame, I never got around to telling you guys this OVER A YEAR AGO. If you'll recall, last November 27th, I was able to hand Grinderbunny to Nick after a song. Grinderbunny has been keeping us all updated on his Facebook and Twitter. He's an odd bunny, that one.

Anyway, now that over a year has passed, I am relatively calm enough to inform you all that I was fortunate enough to meet Nick after the show. Basically, meeting him went like this:

MY HUSBAND: It's freezing. He is never coming out. Let's go.
ME: NO! I have to TRY to meet him so I can ask him about the moustache book*!

To summarize the encounter (I TYPED UP A SIXTY PAGE CONCERT "SUMMARY," so this is VERY truncated, haha), Martyn left right away, we met Warren, who was VERY nice and signed our set list, then Nick came out eventually and met the approximately 10 of us who were waiting (we didn't stick around for Jim, unfortunately, because we were freezing). He was very rushed, but very nice, as you'll see. I only spent about 90 seconds in his presence, and to give you all something to laugh at, here's basically how those 90 seconds went:

[I stand holding The Puppy Phenomenon picture stupidly as people rush to Nick; I tell myself, "GO OVER THERE, YOU IDIOT!"]

ME: I’m the girl who gave you the Grinderbunny.

NICK CAVE: Oh, yeah? What happened to that?


ME: I have to have you sign the cutest picture of you ever.
[NICK CAVE talks to various people while signing the puppy photo.]

ME: I have to ask you…did you ever get a book of girls with moustaches?

[NICK LOOKS AT ME...FURROWS HIS BROWS...AND LOOKS COMPLETELY CONFUSED. He basically made the >8-/ face at me. He looked both adorable and hilarious at the same time.]

NICK [sounding unsure and completely confused]: Noo..?

ME: Awwww, lame. [I SAID, "AWWW, LAME"...THAT IS LAME!]

NOTE: He may have, in fact, gotten the 'stache book and just been bloody confused. Like my friend Laura said, if the crowd of people weren't confusing enough, he may have been thinking I meant a published book, not some handmade thing. No matter.

[My husband apparently handed the set list we got to Nick to sign, but in my memory, Nick Cave just grabbed it from me automatically and signed it. I’ll trust my husband’s memory, though.]

PHOTO REMOVED, BUT IT WAS SNAGGING. I didn't want my face all over anymore. [I started arguing with myself about whether I should say what I really want to say or not…whether it will sound too creepy and decide I MEAN IT and I am NOT creepy (like some girl there who said the same thing and got a very curt "thanks" from Nick).]

ME: I love you so much.

NICK CAVE: Aw, that’s very sweet of you to say.

NOTE: I seriously debated telling him I love him ALL DAY. I did NOT want to sound stalkerish or creepy, but I figured I meant it in a genuine, "I love and appreciate you" way and HOPED he would know I meant it that way. He sounded so sincerely touched when he said, "aw, that's very sweet of you," that I know he got that I meant it in a genuine way. Plus, the fact that some random chick said it all lustily after I did and he just said, "thanks" in THE most curt way EVER reassures me that he could TELL I meant it. He meets wannabe groupies all the time, so he can tell the bloody difference. Anywho...

ME: Um…can we get a picture with you?

NICK CAVE: Yeah, yeah, alright. [NOTE: This only looks like an eyerolling statement in print; he said it really nicely, even though this whole time he is still creeping closer to leave.]

[My husband and I get on either side of Mr. Cave, I put my arm around him, and my husband takes the picture.]

[NICK CAVE goes to leave, almost to the vehicle, when my husband shows me the picture.]

WOW. AWESOME. I meet my fucking idol basically and I can almost recognize the outline of his head**. GREAT. FAAAAAANTASTIC. That’s one to show the kids. Oh, well, at least I met him at all.

NO WAIT, THE WORST HE CAN SAY IS NO, RIGHT?! I decide it’s true, the worst he can say is no, so I kind of poke/rub his back to calm him so he doesn't kill me. I mean, he's Nick Cave, and I was convinced he was about to curse me with the Glare of Cave and/or rip my heart out and stomp on it with his oh-so-pointy boots.

I timidly ask in a scared shitless voice, “Nick?” and he turns around and sees me standing there, and I want to cry and feel like SUCH A FUCKING JERK, but I start moving out of the way so he can say “no,” and leave.

However, when I say, “our flash didn’t go off…I’m so sorry…could we get another picture?” HE SAID, “it’s alright” AND PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME AND POSED AGAIN. THAT IS THE NICEST THING IN THE ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD. He could have said no…he was IN SUCH A RUSH. But he said yes.

NOTE: Yeah, he's not looking at the camera. He was talking to some guy and had already posed with me once. I was TERRIFIED asking for another picture. HE'S NICK CAVE. I thought he might, like, GLARE ME TO DEATH or something. But no...

*Okay, so if you all took part in the moustache book, you'll know what that's all about. I promised countless people that, if I did meet Nick, I would TRY to get the courage to ask him about it. Anyway...

**you can almost tell it's us here:

They (whoever "they" are) do say you shouldn't meet your idols. Luckily, I got the sweet Nick Cave. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neubauten: A Brief Introduction

I know this isn't Nick, but dammit, Blixa is Nick-related (and I can post what I want)! It took me until this past year to finally become an Einsturzende Neubauten fan. I thought they were just WHITE NOISE before, and now they're one of my favorite bands EVER.

I am putting several Neubauten songs here that I think are less abrasive, more accessible, and helped warp me into become a full-fledged Neubautenite. I tried to go with non-live performances because they tend to be, shall I say, more experimental and harder to get into at first.

I dedicate this post to Laura.

01. "Weil Weil Weil," from Alles Wieder Offen, is the first song of EN's that clicked with me. I don't want your first listen of it to be some crappy live performance, so here's just the song.

02. "Yu-Gung (Futter Mein Ego)," from Halber Mensch. Second song of theirs I really loved, and the video is nature at its weirdest and most disturbingly beautiful.

03. "Stella Maris," from Ende Neu, with Meret Becker, is a gorgeous song, gorgeous video, AND has enough behatted Blixa for all you hat fetishists out there.

04. "Alles Wieder Offen," from Alles Wieder Offen. I could not even tell you why, other than it's just a great song, but I listen to this ALL. THE. TIME. When I walk particularly...and you should see me walking up or down steps to it. It's like some weird German Michael Jackson thing with a little Roger Rabbit thrown in.

05. "Prolog" and "Feurio!" from Haus der Luge. Haus der Luge, along with Alles Wieder Offen, is a great place to start. Alles is the least abrasive and is what made me a fan, and Haus is trademark Neubauten, but way easier on the ears than some of their stuff. A word of caution: DO NOT DO WHAT I DID AND START WITH KOLLAPS. You will hate it. Anyway...Even if you have no bloody clue what he's saying (EN's albums do come with English translations), you have to admit, this sounds fucking fantastic. And "Feurio!" is just...GAAAAAAAAH, SUCCUMB TO IT, MY MINIONS! Also, fear the Bargeld trying-not-to-be-a-mullet-but-ohhhhh-it-is-one-anyway!

06. "MoDiMiDoFrSaSo" from Fuenf Auf Der Nach Oben.... In case you forget your days of the week, or just want to hear a great song. Let it assail your ears, drive you insane, and make you looooove it.

07. "Z.N.S.," from Halber Mensch. Okay, now...this might fucking terrify you (it did me), but part of what made me succumb and become an EN fan was the following video. It's weird as hell...but mostly, I was The Beauty That Is Snapping Blixa Bargeld. I had NO IDEA what he used to look like, but until I saw this, he was permanently weird hat-wearing, "fluffy" Blixa. So...I was intrigued...

08. "Haus der Luge" from Haus der Luge. Seriously, this is a great album to start with, and just a fabulous album in general. Plus, the cover has a drawing of an ejaculating horse on it, so...hey. Freak out the folks!

BONUS: The song that made Laura a fan:

If you don't like Neubauten, I do understand. I never thought I would, but the above, along with the influence of Laura and my other friend, Colin, really made me appreciate the Blixster.

If nothing else, here is one of the songs from Blixa's other project, ANBB, in which he meows like a demonically possessed cat in heat. You're welcome.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, Birthday Party Style

Happy Halloween, everyone!

From tumblr, unsure who.

Photo by Rob Miller:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let Love In: Live Performances

Let Love In, Live Track-By-Track

01. Do You Love Me? (via thesoulbreath)

02. Nobody's Baby Now (via almeidasuzana)

03. Loverman (via charlesaf)

04. Jangling Jack (via StinkyBohoon)

05. Red Right Hand (via capeshokusa) - not synced on my computer, but

06. I Let Love In (via creationbaby)

07. Thirsty Dog (via saddinos)

08. Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore - can't find it live
CLICK HERE (audio only) Thank you, csakjutka!

09. Lay Me Low - no video but here's audio from CountOfSaintGermain

10. Do You Love Me? Pt. 2 - can't find a live version

CLICK HERE (audio only) Thank you, csakjutka!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tender Prey: Live Performances

Every song I could find from Tender Prey, live. Where there are no videos, it is simply because I could not find any live performances. If you know where there are videos of these songs, please let me know. Enjoy!

01. The Mercy Seat (via scmm42>

02. Up Jumped the Devil

03. Deanna (via Stiffkittens01)

04. Watching Alice (via ved76)

05. Mercy (via Morbazzan)

06. City of Refuge (via thesoulbreath)

07. Slowly Goes the Night

08. Sunday's Slave

09. Sugar Sugar Sugar (via csakjutka)

10. New Morning (via sofarfromme, off the Live at the Paradiso DVD)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

54th Birthday, Moscow Style

HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY, MR. NICK CAVE! Thank you for all the art you contribute to the world, and for just being so badass. Hope your birthday was filled with glorious things and that you have many more!

Sorry these aren't embedded; my phone doesn't let me do so and I am too scatterbrained right now to get online. It would greatly be to your benefit, however, to watch this awesome Cave interview footage from 1998 (thanks to nightspell9 for uploading, and Laura for pointing these out to me). They are long and some chick talks over top a lot of it, but still amazing.

Also, nightspell9 has great concert footage uploaded you should all check out. AWESOME!



Friday, September 2, 2011

Nick Cave and...

Today, I present you all with a smorgasbord of songs/videos in which Mr. Cave is singing with someone else, or featured on another band's song. Enjoy, and thank you for all the youtube users (youtubers?) for sharing these videos!

(I know he's done songs with PJ Harvey, Kylie Minogue, and more with Anita Lane and Lydia Lunch, but as those are the ones most of us have already heard, I will leave those up to you to check out.)

Thank you to my dearest Stooges, Laura and Colin, for helping me with this list.

I can't embed Nick and UNKLE's "Money and Run," but if you've not seen it, it's a great song and video. You can check it out RIGHT HERE.

Also, I couldn't find "Free to Walk" with Debbie Harry on youtube, but the song's out there somewhere.

Monday, August 8, 2011

B&W Portrait

I will scan stuff this week; yeesh, I've been slacking. For now, here is a great Nick photo, but I can't remember who the photographer is. If you know, please tell me!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heathen Child Song of the Year

If you haven't heard the GREAT news, Grinderman picked up Song of the Year at this year's MOJO Awards. :) YAAAAAAY! Much congratulations to them; they definitely deserve it!

Here's the video of them accepting the award:

Here's an amaaaaazing version of Kitchenette to celebrate (thanks, herecomethewolfman *wink*):

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hair Telegraph

To pick up the new Grinderman single, "Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man". I always buy through Mute's official website. Keep in mind, however, that for me here in the United States, it takes around a month to receive my order. That being said: worth the wait? I think so.


This is from the March 2001 Telegraph. I will assume I found it on Tumblr; if you know whose it is, let me know because it's LOVELY. Text from this article can be FOUND HERE.

Here is Nick with some awesome hair:

And here is Billy Corgan being a douche like always, and Nick being amusing:

Friday, July 1, 2011

She's Not There, But Heathen Child Is

First of all, Grinderman's "Heathen Child" has been nominated as song of the year HERE, so be sure to vote for them! You have to vote for each category, and I don't know most of the other artists, but anything for Grinderman to get more votes. :)

Also, if you haven't yet heard the AMAZING version of "She's Not There" that Nick did with Neko Case, it is FANTASTIC! I would embed it, but I'm on my phone. Here's the direct link: RIGHT HERE. You will all LOVE it.

I will scan some articles and pics for you all soon. Hope you are all well (I'm sick).

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Like Christmas, Only in the Summer...and With More Cave, Less Jesus

A guy just sold me TWENTY ONE issues of NME for $40. Nineteen of them contain Mr. Cave in some way, so...some of that stuff will make its way into the blog.


I've already come across awesome pics I've never seen, and even *GASP!* (so far) one the Great Laura hasn't. pretty much like finding the meaning of life.

Courtesy of thesoulbreath, the song that made me a Cave fan immediately (it's the first track on the Best Of, so...that was all it took. Then I realized that album was totally unnecessary, since I wanted to go out and get all his albums right away):

I. Love. Tumblr. And I love people on Tumblr who share stuff and credit where they got it. It is a goldmine of awesome photos.



Because Nick and Blixa are friends and all, I just want to post three Neubauten songs that got me into them finally. Enjoy.

The Alles Wieder Offen album did it for me; it's less abrasively experimental than their other stuff, so maybe you should give it a listen as well?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer, Hurry Up!

How this term at college has made me feel:

(Pic from tumblr somewhere.)

This whole concert the performance below is from made me fall in love with Cave's music all over again, and it actually made me cry...and it's not easy to get me to cry. Thi

And for something completely different:

Thanks to thesoulbreath, as always, for sharing such amazing videos!

As of next Thursday, it will be summer break for me, and you know what that means? MORE UPDATES!

I am obsessed with E. Neubauten now. I KNOW, complete 180 from how I used to be, but now I can't get enough of them. Blixa is a fucking genius.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Road to God Knows Where: GIFs #01

This college term has been kicking my ass, so I've been neglecting my fellow Black Crowlettes. :(

Does this make up for it at all?

If you post these on tumblr or something, just link back to this blog so people know where they came from. :) Just cuz it's nice.

Capped by me from The Road to God Knows Where. If photobucket bandwidth is exceeded by these, just check back or email me for them or some such.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Swamped in Swampland

Swamped (ha! SWAMPLAND!) with chemistry, so here are two pics. I can't recall where I got these, so if they are from your Tumblr or something, let me know and I will link to you. (Yes, I give things embarrassing file names...and forget to change them when I go to upload; whoops.)

Oh, and if you are a Blixa fan and don't have Seele Brennt bookmarked or blogrolled, get with it! Much thanks to them for helping this new E.N. fan succumb to the greatness that is Blixa.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Twitter CAN Be Used For Good!

OMG, THIS IS FUCKING EPIC! I've been missing Fake Nick Cave on Twitter for aaaaaages. What the fuck is this:

And it gets weirder; that account exchanges Tweets with:


I am so amused and confused by people and their weirdness.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Money and Run: Hologram Nick

If some of you didn't know, Nick is featured on a track from the new UNKLE EP (Only the Lonely). The song is called "Money and Run," and it's a pretty unique collaboration. It's not my usual style of music, but after falling in love with this song, I gotta say, I'm kinda liking UNKLE.

Anyway, check out this UNKLE performance of the song including a huge hologram of Mr. Cave. Yep. You read that right.

(thank you, jutkacsak, for finding this better-quality video for me!)

In other news...I FINALLY LOVE JUNKYARD. That's been the ONE album I've never fully succumbed to, and yesterday, the mood was right or something (listening to PiL beforehand may have helped). I. Love. It. It's like I have a different brain now or something. I thought it was white noise before, but now...totally loving it. Laura must be so proud of me.

To celebrate I am posting this:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Smudge Opening & NYT Style

Two things. First of all, by now, I'm assuming most of you know about Polly Borland's latest book, Smudge. If not, refer to my previous post. Anyway, I found a site with some photos from the opening of the Smudge showing at the Other Criteria gallery in London.

Nick and Polly Borland

CLICK HERE to view the photos from the opening.

The next bit of news is that there is a rather dashing photo of Mr. Cave in the latest issue of The New York Times Style magazine. Apparently there are two covers, because mine has THIS AS MY COVER, so just know that it has the same picture of Nick inside that the Nick cover version does. The BETTER version (possibly the international version), features Nick himself on the cover looking very much like, well, himself. The inside photo of him is included in a series of male rockers, such as Iggy Pop, Dave Gahan, Lou Reed, and others, all wearing suits.

Inner photo:

Cave cover:

Photo found on

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Polly Borland's Smudge

Get ready to be confused and amused...and possibly terrified.

Laura sent me an email containing the following bit of news. Said email was called, quite intriguingly, "WHAT THE NICK CAVE FUCKING HELL?!" Laura is very well-spoken, I assure you.

ANYWAY, photographer Polly Borland has a new book (out NOW!) entitled Smudge. This book contains a number of portraits of people in amorphous leotards/full body nylon/etc. Random ping pong balls are stuffed down their leotards, wigs are utilized to hide the identities of those posing, and it is just bizarre. Nick wrote the introduction to the book (which is VERY amusing and involves him once again talking about "rouged nipples" and just making the whole weird thing sound strangely sexy) AND...

Well, guess who posed for some of the pictures? THESE ARE ALL NICK.

This has been your "NICK CAVE WTF" of the year. LINK TO read about the book (though is cheaper).

All images ©Polly Borland

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nick Cave's Toilet Pleasures

Laura found this and I laughed so hard I spit all over the screen. It's short but...AHAHAHAHA. Kudos to Laura for being obsessed with looking up toilet videos all the time.

Other Characters Like Euchrid

This is something I've been wanting to start a list of for awhile. I've noticed, in my literary endeavors, that there are a number of Euchrid Eucrow*-esque characters lurking about.

What, exactly, aside from the Euchrid, constitutes a character as being similar to Euchrid? Basically, someone gone in the head a bit, those with feelings that they are a martyr of some sort, characters that obsessively collect weird things like human hair and tin cans, etc. If you've read And the Ass Saw the Angel, you will know a similar character in other works.

What follows is my list of "hey! That character makes me think of Euchrid!" to date. I urge you to read these books, especially if you liked ATASTA, as they're all pretty damned awesome.

Child of God by Cormac McCarthy

My friend Laura and I are convinced that Nick had to have been influenced by this book in some way; the similarities are striking, really. McCarthy in general is amazing, and this book is the first of his I read, and it's absolutely brilliant. If you liked ATASTA in any way, I guarantee you will also enjoy this book.

From Wikipedia:
"Child of God tells the story of Lester Ballard, a dispossessed, violent man whom the narrator describes as "a child of God much like yourself perhaps." Ballard's life is a disastrous attempt to exist outside the social order. Successively deprived of parents and homes and with few other ties, Ballard descends literally and figuratively to the level of a cave dweller as he falls deeper into crime and degradation."

Lord of the Barnyard by Tristan Egolf

Late author Tristan Egolf starts his book with a Nick Cave quote, which is one clue this book may be worth a read. The style quickly struck me as being similar (without being a rip-off) of Cave's writing style in ATASTA, and the main character is a social outcast in a town of churchgoers.

"John Kaltenbrunner, an only child, is born on the heels of his father's death. At an unusually early age, the boy shows a flair for farming and a desire to be left alone, two things that make people pick on him in increasingly vicious ways. John's life plan is to drop out of school when he hits 16 and mind his own business. But he loses everything, alienates everyone, and through a series of increasingly outrageous mishaps winds up serving three years work-release felony time on a river barge. When he comes home to Baker, no one recognizes him...The streets don't stay that way for long as the tale truly turns on the garbage strike organized by John and his gang of fellow misfits. As a result, Baker comes apart at the seams and all the citizenry reveal their true natures."

Tideland by Mitch Cullin

This book was made into a film by Terry Gilliam, and it's probably one of the most beautifully disturbing books I've ever read. I would suggest reading the book first, but really, both the book and the film are twisted enough to each stand alone.

This time, the Euchrid-like character is not the protagonist. The main character is a little girl whose mother and father are drug addicts (to the point where they teach her how to cook their heroin and fill syringes for them). After her mother dies, she and her father move to an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. The girl's only friends are her decapitated doll heads. She eventually meets a ghost-like woman and her brother, Dickens (that'd be the Euchrid character). Dickens wears a ratty captain's hat and jacket, collects random baubles in his hovel made of branches, leaves, and trash, and has a mental disability brought on by a surgery he had to relieve his epilepsy. Oh, and he thinks his hovel of branches and trash is a submarine, and that the local train is a giant shark.

Seriously, there are some FUCKED UP parts to this book/film. You HAVE to see and/or read this...I am not kidding. It is really unique, twisted, depressing, beautiful, and just shows how a child would view things like death, sex, and drugs. Be prepared to say, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" at least twice.

The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

This book is very short, but very satisfying. VERY good book. There's more to it than what is described below, but to divulge anything more would be to let out bits of the plot you shouldn't know going into it. READ IT. It'll take you maybe four hours, and then you'll have another book to add to your "WTF" list.

Narrator Frank Cauldhame is by his own admission a naughty boy who runs around the isolated island killing bunnies and wreaking havoc. He does boyish stuff like blowing things up and having private wars using any living creature he can find...He has grandiose ideas of secret powers that he can usually control, but he admits that sometimes these powers are even beyond his command. He has a far-fetched imagination, creating a fantasy world where everything has dark names like his catapult, “the black destroyer,” and areas of the island called “sacrifice poles,” “snake park,” and “bomb circle.” The title of the book comes from the “wasp factory” he created in order to predict the future..."

If you've noticed any Euchrid-type characters in books and/or films, let me know and I will add to this list. DO check out these books...they are ALL fantastic in their own way.

*the main character in Nick's first novel, And the Ass Saw the Angel, which you should know. If not, read it. NOW.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Boys Next Door: Swinburne College (thank you, prickmayall!)

If you don't follow prickmayall on youtube, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! In addition to the following, they have so many great Cave-related videos. Go. Look. BECOME GRATEFUL. :D

I mean...The Boys Next Door...LIVE.

Why Tumblr can rule:
TenderPrey and Warm-Arterial-Spray. They find things I have NEVER seen (pics, etc.). Go and be amazed!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Um...It's Nick's Fault, Seriously (andy6588's video)

Because, deep down, there's a little perv in all of us...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nick Cave Podcast With The Doctor

Nick appeared on the Triple J radio show with The Doctor (not Who) today. If you missed it (I certainly did), you can check out the podcast and/or download the mp3 of the show at the link below. It's a very good, lengthy interview, in which Nick talks about Amanda Palmer's version of "The Ship Song," getting an honorary doctorate, his tanned nipples(?!), and...if you're not interested yet...haha.

Doctor: Is it often that you get asked to show people your tits, uh, during a set?

Nick: Uh, no.

Doctor: I think people were shocked to realize that...

Nick: That I have nipples.

Doctor: And such tanned nipples!

Nick: Well, they are...they always were a little dark. Sorry, I haven't had a lot of sleep. No, they were one of my faaaavorite features. I don't have to rouge them or anything like that.

Doctor: Which is good cuz sooo many performers...I know Iggy rouges...

Nick: Yeah, sure he does.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Melbourne: Palace Theatre (jiw64)

So, how 'bout that Big Day Out, huh? Okay, I didn't go...I'm in freakin' America, but hopefully some of you got to check it out and were thoroughly entertained.

I have some stuff to scan sometime this week, woot-woot!

Here are some short (yet amazing quality) videos by youtuber jiw64 (THANK YOU!). These are from the January 17th show at Melbourne's Palace Theatre:

Side-note: Amanda Palmer (solo artist and of The Dresden Dolls) does a lovely version of The Ship Song on her new album...and she met Mr. Cave and freaked out about it in her blog. I love her (you might not, and that's fine), but her blog about it was TOTALLY how I felt when I met him:

Oh...did I, your deranged blogstress, not mention I met Mr. Nick Cave? Honestly, I figured most of you knew from my Facebook. Whoops. If you wanted details, let me know. I just assumed most of you knew. Haha. But yes, he was SO SWEET! It was AMAZING. My complete.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Next Single: Palaces of Montezuma!

From the official Grinderman facebook:

"Palaces of Montezuma has been revealed as the new single from Grinderman 2 - it will be released in March as a download and 12" vinyl!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's 2011

If reposting, please say you got them from me, just to link-share. I don't own the copyright, but it's nice to link exchange, and I see my stuff reposted on Tumblr all the time. I will link back to YOU! :D

For New Year's 2011, I give you some amazingly epic scans from a '96 issue of OOR magazine. :DDDD

And bonus pics I found online: