Monday, January 24, 2011

Melbourne: Palace Theatre (jiw64)

So, how 'bout that Big Day Out, huh? Okay, I didn't go...I'm in freakin' America, but hopefully some of you got to check it out and were thoroughly entertained.

I have some stuff to scan sometime this week, woot-woot!

Here are some short (yet amazing quality) videos by youtuber jiw64 (THANK YOU!). These are from the January 17th show at Melbourne's Palace Theatre:

Side-note: Amanda Palmer (solo artist and of The Dresden Dolls) does a lovely version of The Ship Song on her new album...and she met Mr. Cave and freaked out about it in her blog. I love her (you might not, and that's fine), but her blog about it was TOTALLY how I felt when I met him:

Oh...did I, your deranged blogstress, not mention I met Mr. Nick Cave? Honestly, I figured most of you knew from my Facebook. Whoops. If you wanted details, let me know. I just assumed most of you knew. Haha. But yes, he was SO SWEET! It was AMAZING. My complete.


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  2. Oh my gooooood! Good hustle! I met him last year when he took a painting I did of him! He was the most beautiful thing I ever witnessed...sadly I can't remember much of what he said as all I could hear were the birds singing! Did you manage to make any of the book readings/concerts he did last year?? I hope you did! You could ask him anything you wanted!


    If you want to perve! ;)

    Or you might like to see this! :)