Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nick Cave Podcast With The Doctor

Nick appeared on the Triple J radio show with The Doctor (not Who) today. If you missed it (I certainly did), you can check out the podcast and/or download the mp3 of the show at the link below. It's a very good, lengthy interview, in which Nick talks about Amanda Palmer's version of "The Ship Song," getting an honorary doctorate, his tanned nipples(?!), and...if you're not interested yet...haha.

Doctor: Is it often that you get asked to show people your tits, uh, during a set?

Nick: Uh, no.

Doctor: I think people were shocked to realize that...

Nick: That I have nipples.

Doctor: And such tanned nipples!

Nick: Well, they are...they always were a little dark. Sorry, I haven't had a lot of sleep. No, they were one of my faaaavorite features. I don't have to rouge them or anything like that.

Doctor: Which is good cuz sooo many performers...I know Iggy rouges...

Nick: Yeah, sure he does.



  1. Dark nipples? His startling red ones on Let Love In beg to differ. . .why am I talking about Nick Cave's nipples?

  2. Hey, HE started it! Hahaha...I mean, Let Love In's cover is a bit edited or something, but HEY. When the interviewer asked him about showing his tits, I just thought, "oh, here we go, Nick's going to say something totally weird." I wasn't disappointed.