Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Got a Pink Velvet Box from New Zealand!!!

Thanks to Jess, I got something very special in the mail this past week! I know I look ridiculous; ignore it. I said I would share with you all when it arrived, so here it is!

Part one:

Part two:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

stop being absent from blogville!

I have had a big science project...stupid...thing *grumbles*...and two big tests this week, and one big one next week.

That's why I've not been around. This weekend I'll give you all some lovin', okay? Cave-lovin'. :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nick and PJ Duet Again

Thank you to my dear friend, Jess for this...I'm just gonna cut and paste, cuz I'm lazy.

Nick Cave, the renaissance man of rock, was reunited with his former lover [NOTE: okay, seriously...*eyeroll*...couldn't they have had a better leading line than that?] PJ Harvey last night during a one-off gig to promote the publication of his second novel, The Death of Bunny Munro.

Cave and Harvey had a famously intense relationship during the mid-1990s, which inspired one of his darkest albums, The Boatman's Call, and which was rumoured to have left the Dorset-based Harvey heartbroken.

The Australian polymath - Cave writes and performs his own songs, acts, has written screenplays and scored the new Cormac McCarthy film The Road - was giving an evening of readings from Bunny Monro interspersed with songs at London's Palace Theatre. He was taking questions from the floor when an audience member asked if he'd perform again with his former muse if she were in the venue.

Harvey, who had previously sat unnoticed in a box next to the stage, made herself known to Cave at this point, and the singer said that while he would love to duet with her, he would only do so if she was up for it too. "If it was the other way round, I'd be mortified," Cave said.

Harvey acquiesced and came up on stage, and the pair sang Henry Lee, a haunting love song from Cave's Murder Ballads album. (This was despite a member of the audience suggesting to Cave that Fleeting Love would be an apt song for the reunion duet, to which Cave growled back: "You're a funny cunt".)

Cave was on fine form throughout the evening, telling the audience that he wouldn't finish the evening with a fourth and final reading from his book because "I read a whole lot of the fucking thing, with projections. Go and see Will Self in the back of Waterstones."

The Quietus website reports that he also confided why he no longer sported his impressive Zapata moutsache: "My wife found my stash of rohypnol, drugged me and shaved it off."


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nick Cave Enjoys an Early Holiday

If you aren't a regular nick-cave.com forum visitor, this is completely out of context. But like you NEED to know the context* anyway to enjoy this.

Back to my homework [evolution research]. I am going to post some random scans from The Fanbook within the next few days. No pictures of people with 'staches, but just a few to give everyone an idea of what was sent. :D

*Someone was talking about how Ticketmaster jacks ticket prices too highly. They said that maybe they should compromise with Mr. Cave, inviting him up for a skiing holiday in exchange for tickets. I took it from there.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sum by David Eagleman

Nick reads a story from David Eagleman's book, Sum. Brian Eno and some other people read parts from it also.

"In one afterlife, you relive all your experiences in carefully categorized groups: sleeping 30 years straight, sitting five months on the toilet, spending 200 days in the shower, and so forth. In another, you can be whatever you want, including a horse that forgets its original humanity. There are afterlives where you meet God, in one a God who endlessly reads Frankenstein, lamenting the tragic lot of creators; in another a God, female this time, in whose immense corpus earth is a mere cell. Eagleman’s engaging mixture of dark humor, witty quips, and unsettling observations about the human psyche should engage a readership extending from New Age buffs to amateur philosophers. --Carl Hays"

You can download the extract of Nick reading the story, which Caroline was kind enough to edit so there aren't any ads, here:

Caroline also found THIS news item in which Mr. Cave states, "We’ve recorded a new Grinderman record we’re really excited about. It comes out in March. And I’ll make another Bad Seeds record later on in the year." Woohoo! Thank you, Caroline!

There are also chapter extracts to read HERE.

Thank you to i_am_a_wallet on the nick-cave.com forums for the heads-up!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nick the Effeminate (Teasing) Stripper

The ever-generous Caroline uploaded these videos. She recorded these...lucky girl, seeing this amazingness in person! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

Here is Mr. Cave being presented with a poster of a, erm, rather effeminate poster of himself. (To see the poster, go HERE.)

Aaaand, for the fan girl (or boy) in all of us...Nick disrobing. What a tease! ;)

Now for my Animal Behavior class. Who sits before class, when they should be preparing for lecture, and updates their NC blog? Me...and I do so proudly. At least I'm at a university (Portland State in Oregon) where some people actually know who he is.