Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nick the Effeminate (Teasing) Stripper

The ever-generous Caroline uploaded these videos. She recorded these...lucky girl, seeing this amazingness in person! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

Here is Mr. Cave being presented with a poster of a, erm, rather effeminate poster of himself. (To see the poster, go HERE.)

Aaaand, for the fan girl (or boy) in all of us...Nick disrobing. What a tease! ;)

Now for my Animal Behavior class. Who sits before class, when they should be preparing for lecture, and updates their NC blog? Me...and I do so proudly. At least I'm at a university (Portland State in Oregon) where some people actually know who he is.


  1. His face when he sees the poster is priceless. That smile!
    Hands up, who wants to be Nick Cave's cufflink caddy?

  2. Agree with Laura about Nick's smile. And that open shirt is so tempting!
    Not trying to make you jealous Devin but I went to the Manchester Bunny signing on Monday & got a kiss from Nick - on the lips! *faint*

  3. Beth, that is AWESOME! I've seen (in vids) him doing that to lucky ladies. I wouldn't worry about my jealousy (though I am! *grin*), but Susie's. That's an understanding woman, that's for sure. :D

    How did this kiss come about?

  4. Only joking about the jealousy! Nick had gone outside for a fag break but continued signing from there. I knew that I would be standing next to him instead of across a table so it was now or never! I know Laura & Caroline & that they got a hug & kiss each in Ottawa, so I told Nick I knew them (and he remembered them)! I said "you gave them both a kiss in Ottawa so can I have one as well?" then he grabbed hold of me & planted one full on the mouth! I had an arm round him too. Then he said "you look after yourself" & rubbed my back! OMG! I'm still walking round in a daze!