Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday, Mr. Cave!

Happy 52nd Birthday, Nick!

WOOHOOO!!!!!! *throws confetti*

I will be scanning and sending the digital copy of the fanbook to you all within the next day or so. WOOT! Thank you again to all who contributed. I GUARANTEE he will get nothing else like it this year. :D Wait'll you all (the contributors, anyway - I will share some random crap from it [not photos of people, though] with the rest of you) see it - it is truly the best book ever, almost.

To celebrate with you all, I'd like to HIGHLY recommend you all check out Caroline's photos from the reading, as well as her videos from the Ottawa reading. WOOHOO! Lucky, lucky lady. :D

Caroline's right; the part in which he talks about the Gladiator II script is fucking AMAZING. He imitates Russell Crowe and, guh...it's just FANTASTIC!

Off I go to finish scanning the book, then I will send it. I am celebrating (yesterday was MY birthday) by drinking with a friend and pondering the greatness that is Mr. Cave. Yep. :D


  1. Happy Birthday Nick! 52 more please, 'k thx.

  2. A day late I know but Happy Birthday Nick & may I say you get more gorgeous every year!

  3. And besides Nick, Happy Birthday to You, Thanks for the great blog!

  4. Caroline, you are WAY too amazing. :D