Sunday, September 20, 2009

Help Me Or This WILL Become Nick's New Look!

If any of you could make zip files of ANY NC pics, I would love you.

Besides...Sept. 21st, the day before Nick's birthday, is MY BIRTHDAY. This would be a super present!

I did have a point to asking. My hard drive crashed, but I got a program that restored a shitload of my files. HURRAH! Happy birthday to meeeee!

Seriously, though...zips of NC pics would be a swell bday gift. Even if I have most of 'em, there will more than likely be something I've never seen. :D

I will beg you with this:


  1. I have to go to work shortly, but when I get home I'll see about zipping up all the Nick pics (hahaha! Nickpics! say it!) in my 'Bad Seeds and Related' folder. How does that sound?

  2. I have many that will be sent your way in a manner befitting my general untimeliness.


    Happy Fucking Birthday, Nick Cave (a few hours early). You amazing man, you.

  3. I'd offer, but pretty much what I have is what's already in the zip folder posted a while back on here. Or what you can find within two minutes on a google image search.

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    I removed my earlier post because it didn't include a direct link. I think this is just worth sharing and threw it wherever made sense, because I hadn't seen that picture before. It makes me laugh, hard.

  6. Jamie, that photo is AMAZING!!!! Holy crap...YES!

    I should share some of my plethora o' goods.

  7. Yes. Everyone should share every photograph ever. I want my computer to explode with the wealth of pictures I put on it.

  8. I have a big zip of files but blogspot won't let me link to it :/

  9. Edienippoli, my email is and that would rule! :D I managed to get some stuff back, but that would be amazing in case there were other things I didn't have. :D