Saturday, September 5, 2009

Book to Begin Tomorrow! WOOT!

First of all:

Thank you to everyone who contributed for the fan book! I am still waiting on a few people's entries, including my own. So we will have around 14 'staches, which is more than I was expecting. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

I will be sending the book off on Tuesday. If you missed the cut-off date of the 3rd, bust your butt and get it to me by Monday night!

In case I didn't tell you, we are making two copies of the book. One will be sent to Canongate (or his American publisher), and one to his record company. I don't want to send one and have it get tossed out without getting to him. This way, there's a greater chance he'll receive a copy. I will, of course, put a note with each one to apologize in case he gets both of them.

I know what I want to do with the cover, and I think you will all understand when you see it. Design-wise, I will try to go with things that make sense. I will try to make you all proud. I'm going to start the book with a letter from all of us, just a general (yet 'stache-a-riffic) letter of birthday wishes and thanks from all the fans.

What random things do you all know that Mr. Cave likes? Or stuff he's referenced or sums him up a bit? Leave me huge, big-ass lists. There's a reason. The reason being, collages to decorate the pages. I don't want every page to be full of black crows and bunnies, but y'know. :D GO NUTS!


  1. Hmm...well aside from the usual like Jesus Christ and Louis Wain cats, all I'm thinking of right now is Karen Carpenter and guns (though maybe not so much anymore) so I'll default to his most recently-posted list of influences (from last week's live web chat):

    Emily Dickinson
    Valerie Solanas
    Strindberg (Occult Diaries)
    Rothenburg Poetry Anthologies
    John Berryman
    Herman Melville
    Miles Davis (70's)

    I'll try to think up some more er, visual, collage-able things...

  2. Yeah, I got the PERFECT art book for $2.99 full of religious art. :D And Louis Wain for sure!

  3. Do you know, Laura, where I can read a transcript of the chat? I missed it.

  4. Sure thing, scroll to the bottom here to see the question/answers