Friday, March 25, 2011

Smudge Opening & NYT Style

Two things. First of all, by now, I'm assuming most of you know about Polly Borland's latest book, Smudge. If not, refer to my previous post. Anyway, I found a site with some photos from the opening of the Smudge showing at the Other Criteria gallery in London.

Nick and Polly Borland

CLICK HERE to view the photos from the opening.

The next bit of news is that there is a rather dashing photo of Mr. Cave in the latest issue of The New York Times Style magazine. Apparently there are two covers, because mine has THIS AS MY COVER, so just know that it has the same picture of Nick inside that the Nick cover version does. The BETTER version (possibly the international version), features Nick himself on the cover looking very much like, well, himself. The inside photo of him is included in a series of male rockers, such as Iggy Pop, Dave Gahan, Lou Reed, and others, all wearing suits.

Inner photo:

Cave cover:

Photo found on


  1. Now that's a sexy bird right there. Jesus...

  2. Iggy Pop wearing a suit? But. . .but that would require a shirt! Holy shit!

  3. Actually, Jamie, Iggy has a suit JACKET on, but no shirt. He is still rocking the (mostly) shirtless look!

    Laura: *AHEM!!!!* indeed.

    La Guardarraya: I. Know. Jesus, seriously.

  4. Huh. Apparently no one can get a shirt on that guy, haha.