Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Polly Borland's Smudge

Get ready to be confused and amused...and possibly terrified.

Laura sent me an email containing the following bit of news. Said email was called, quite intriguingly, "WHAT THE NICK CAVE FUCKING HELL?!" Laura is very well-spoken, I assure you.

ANYWAY, photographer Polly Borland has a new book (out NOW!) entitled Smudge. This book contains a number of portraits of people in amorphous leotards/full body nylon/etc. Random ping pong balls are stuffed down their leotards, wigs are utilized to hide the identities of those posing, and it is just bizarre. Nick wrote the introduction to the book (which is VERY amusing and involves him once again talking about "rouged nipples" and just making the whole weird thing sound strangely sexy) AND...

Well, guess who posed for some of the pictures? THESE ARE ALL NICK.

This has been your "NICK CAVE WTF" of the year. LINK TO read about the book (though Amazon.co.uk is cheaper).

All images ©Polly Borland


  1. I love how the weirdest Nick Cave whatthefuckery is coming from me lately. I swear my Google searches are not um...that weird. :D
    Yep, look how well-spoken I am, ABSOLUTELY!

  2. PS I am in another email address which is why my comment has posted as "Cave" instead of "Laura".
    This is NOT making me look any better right now. :D

  3. We your wrong because not all those photos are Nick

  4. Mark, didn't YOU pose for some of these? I wondered...the article I got these from seemed to suggest they were all Nick. Thanks!