Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let Love In: Live Performances

Let Love In, Live Track-By-Track

01. Do You Love Me? (via thesoulbreath)

02. Nobody's Baby Now (via almeidasuzana)

03. Loverman (via charlesaf)

04. Jangling Jack (via StinkyBohoon)

05. Red Right Hand (via capeshokusa) - not synced on my computer, but

06. I Let Love In (via creationbaby)

07. Thirsty Dog (via saddinos)

08. Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore - can't find it live
CLICK HERE (audio only) Thank you, csakjutka!

09. Lay Me Low - no video but here's audio from CountOfSaintGermain

10. Do You Love Me? Pt. 2 - can't find a live version

CLICK HERE (audio only) Thank you, csakjutka!


  1. I don't have video, but have audio of Do You Love Me part 2 . It's from 2004 solo concert in Portugal and one of my fav version:

    Also have live versions of Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore... it's 1994 London gig

    I hope it works....
    Just to complete the row...

  2. Thank you! I will edit the post to include those. :)