Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bald Beaut

Wow. That wasn't the most flattering picture, so here's another one:

Nick is losing his hair. He has been for awhile. What do you think he should do?

a.) Go bald naturally
b.) Shave his head at a certain point
c.) Hair transplant (have you seen documentaries on these things? SO GROSS! Still...effective.)
d.) Get a hairpiece/toupee
e.) Wear hats

My vote is c, but I can't imagine him being that vain, so I may have to go with e. Some people can pull off bald...not sure about the Caveman.

MY NEXT POST IS GOING TO BE LAMELY EPIC. You will love it! Expect it like...tomorrow.

Also, every few weeks, I will remind you to send in your stuff for the Fan Project. Off I go to listen to PJ.


  1. AHHHH!
    Thank you thank you for the pics which I have never laid eyes on before! (I've seen the photo of the moment one, but only ever in black and white! Green suit = YAY)

    As for my answer...I think he can just keep doin' what he's doin'. Although I love his hair more than most people love their children, he looks so damn good right now that I can only assume he'll remain smokin' hot as the hairline continues to recede. He's magic like that.

  2. I'm going for a., with a side of "cut it short". Not bald. His head is already strangely shaped. I don't think hats suit him, though. I always wished he would've gone gray instead of bald. Possibly because I had a dream about him where he had a full head of gray hair, haha. For some reason I was at a funeral with him. . .but there was barbeque involved. Strange dream.

    Anyway, as much as I loved him having loads of hair, going bald publicly and then resorting to hair plugs is kind of a sad image. I felt weird noticing the makeup and all that fuckin' photoshopping for Mojo, hair plugs would be worse. What happened to all those times he said in interviews that he felt more "appropriate" with old age?

  3. Laura, yaaaaay! I think I'd only seen the green suit one in b&w for awhile too. Then I saw it in color and died. And that b&w one I posted - HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! *swoons*

    And Jamie, after gasping in delight, I then laughed at the Mojo cover. I was like, "seriously...SERIOUSLY?! Anyone who knows about NC knows that is NOT his hair." I mean, it's not even his natural HAIRLINE. I just think his head's a bit weirdly shaped to be bald. He could still rock it, though...he's NC, he'll always be lovely. :D

  4. Aaaaaaw the picture of the moment ist damn hot. Thank you for that :D In the pic i can see a lot of his natural haircolour. Good decision of him to dye it black ;)

    I think Implants would not be the badest idea. He looks so great for his age and his hair is so beautiful, so why not do something to keep it alive, hehe. I often read that he said about himself that he is really vain, but maybe thats also some kind of joke.

    I also received the impression that the hair on the back of his head is thicker than one or two years ago, maybe he already did something ;)

    I also read an interview with him in the german "Zillo" dated about 1996 oder 98, i`m not sure, i have to look it up...however..he told the interviewer when he was asked: "what do you think are you doing in 20 years?" "I am going to be bald. I am already losing my hair now". He already knew that at that time ;)

  5. Sorry to reply to such an old post but I've just written about this myself.
    While I would be interested in seeing Nick with a shaved head (b), he's seemingly taken choice (a) and I think he pulls off the obviously balding look really well.