Monday, August 24, 2009

Bad News

Bad news. I heard back from Canongate, and the limited edition of Bunny Munro can't be shipped to the US because of distribution rights (or lack thereof).

FUCK. :(

I'm trying to see if I can paypal some money to a NZ friend of mine, but looks like I won't be getting this more than likely. FUCKITY FUCK!


  1. I ended up not ordering one - just too much $$ for me to justify :D I do hope some lovely soul who did buy one shares the videos though...I don't know whether all of the ones they filmed will be put on the Web site now that the book's out.

  2. I ordered on and I am in the U.S. and I haven't heard that I can't have it from them yet. Do you think I could pay for it and have it sent to a friend in London?

  3. Just an FYI anon, there's also a US edition that I uh, just now noticed, that's slipcased with the book, audiobook and DVD.
    But it's even more $$ than the UK edition :D

    And the UK one is prettier :P

    I bet you could have yours sent to a friend in London. I think a few folks are doing that with no problems thus far...

  4. HOLY SHIT that US one is fucking expensive, and not nearly as pretty as the UK one.

  5. I got an email back from Canongate saying that it was ok for me to order it and have it sent to my friend in London. So that's what's happening. I will keep you posted...