Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Nick Cave Concert Experience

You can view my crappily handwritten journal entries, comments, and photos from the concert I went to at the link below. There are a couple photos at the end I did not take, but feature me looking like I am a crying American Idol fan. I wasn't crying, but it looks like I was.

To advance through the pages (there are three pages of photos in all), click the "next page" link at the upper right. Read the comments with each photo, because they are amazing. Oh, and a.) click each thumbnail, b.) click the bigger picture to view even bigger.

I apologize to Mr. Cave for some of the less-than-great photos. I know you actually look great - I just have bad timing and caught you at some odd moments.

My Nick Cave Concert Experience : complete with witty comments ahoy! Or, you can CLICK HERE and then just click "next picture" to go through all the concert pics, minus the journal entries. The comments are below each photo.

Have photos/experiences of your own? Share away!


  1. Ahh! Love your show review - I would have fucking died being that close! I saw him on Oct 4 in NYC and was about 15 rows back. I used to live in Portland, I would have loved to see him at the Crystal rather than the seated venue he played in New York but I've no complaints. Funny, I forget almost everything that happens to me within 24 hours but I remember every detail of seeing Saint Nick play live. Not just the show, but the hours on the bus going to New York, how my pre-Nick dinner tasted, my boyfriend trying to keep me from passing out on our way to the theater, listening to Christina the Astonishing on repeat and frantically scribbling every detail of the show in my notebook the next morning on the bus home, looking out the window, still astonished I'd been in the same room as the greatest songwriter in history... :D

    Dear God I hope Nick comes back soon...
    Thanks for sharing your concert experience!

    Oh PS - I smuggled a camera into the show too - it's supposed to be the strictest security on the planet, but the guards were actually HELPING people take pix during the show!

  2. Yeah, they allowed cameras at the Crystal Ballroom, but I had a hole cut in my purse's bottom just in case.

    I'm trying to remember what I listened to constantly before the show...oh, yeah! "Bring It On", and "Jangling Jack". Mostly "Bring It On," though. I tried to find where to wait to meet him, but I couldn't find the back door...and everyone else was waiting out the front, but I left instead and now I don't know why. I'll meet him maybe with Grinderman, but I don't know what I'd say, other than "thanks".

    But yes...I hope Nick comes back soon too! :D