Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playground Dad // '99 L.A. Record Interview

After deeply skimming through THIS ARTICLE from 1999, I came to the end and thought, "that is adorable". So here it is.

At the end of our lunch - during which Cave eats heartily - he asks me for the time and jumps up, stricken, when I tell him.
“Oh God, if I don’t go now I’ll be late for Luke,” he says, looking like the 12-year-old I first saw. “You know what it’s like in the playground; I’m terrified of getting into trouble with the teachers.” His father, I think, would be proud of him.

I was looking for more old interviews...WHY had I never read this interview before? [ LINK ] This is not the entire interview, just a taste. Read the whole thing if you've never done so - it's quite good.

How serious were the deliberations when you were a judge the World Beard And Mustache Championships?

To be completely honest I was at sea—completely at sea. I wouldn’t know one fucking mustache from another one.

How did you decide?

I just said what the guy next to me said. All I know is I felt humbled because I had this kind of pathetic sort of thing growing on my face, and I know there were some extraordinary mustaches and partial beards, particularly. You know—‘A man without a mustache is like woman with one.’

What kind of things do you write in your office that will never see the light of day?

Oh, the hardcore porn that I get into?

Would you be opposed to a posthumous collection of all your pornography?

Not at all. I’m just saving it for a rainy day.

What book have you given away the most copies of?

One book I tended to give away quite a lot which I think is extraordinary is The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis. I think it’s great book. I’m actually a huge fan of his. That particular book—The Informers—line for line is just extraordinary. It has this effect—you feel you like you need to read him fast, and if you don’t and you just check out one line followed by the next line, what he’s writing to me is just extraordinary. He’s definitely a contemporary writer that I’ve sort of turned people on to—that particular book of his.

What films? The Dark Knight?

I saw that—fucking wild! I saw that with my kids. They’re like eight and it blew their fucking heads off. They kind of walked out with the blood drained from their faces.

What’s something practical you can tell people to help them make daily life a little bit better for themselves?

Right now I’m hearing the most beautiful violin I’ve ever heard in my life being played by Warren Ellis.

You’re breaking my heart by proxy.

He’s unbelievable. I don’t know. Who wants to hear what I got to say? You have to try a bit harder than that to wrap up the interview. You want me to do all the fucking work.

—Chris Ziegler

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