Saturday, December 4, 2010

11/27/10 Seattle: Videos

My videos from the Saturday, November 27th Grinderman show in Seattle are up! It took place at the King Cat Theatre.

Most of my videos are short clips, since I didn't realize how AMAZING my memory card was, and I didn't want to spend too much time screwing with videos. I was also RIGHT ON a speaker monitor, so the audio on most of these is pretty horrid. Some of you will be like, WHY even both sharing that; it's awful! Because they're MINE, and that pleases me. Plus, the video quality is spiffy. :)

Set list:

Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
Worm Tamer
Get It On [bad audio]:

Heathen Child [two clips with HORRID audio]:

This one is Cave rockin' it like he does, at least [the guy just in frame on the left is Bill: he rocks AND just got engaged to his fellow Cave-lovin' sweetheart...CONGRATULATIONS, BILL!!!]:

Evil! [bad audio; Warren going nuts]:

When My Baby Comes [bad audio]:

What I Know (we got the manly version; my only qualm with the show-I would have preferred a sensitive version)

Honeybee, Let's Fly to Mars (from this point on, audio is MAGICALLY better-I don't get it) [short clip; I was wracked with nerves, preparing for The Grinderbunny Moment; see: previous entry]:

Kitchenette [seen in previous entry; note Grinderbunny]:

No Pussy Blues [FULL song; note Grinderbunny falling onto Jim's drum at 2:27 and how he keeps trying to play with him on there...also, Nick momentarily forgets the line "I combed the hairs across my...head!" *wink*]:

Bellringer Blues

Palaces of Montezuma
Man in the Moon
When My Love Comes Down [three clips]:

Love Bomb [FULL SONG: amazing; he proclaims his love, then starts in front of me, does some epic eyebrow things, and at 2:57 smiles adorably at Warren and magically looks 35 again]:

Grinderman [three clips, the last being about two and a half minutes]:

Last one's rather intense...Nick and Warren are MADMEN. [I like how my scream cracks at 1:42, showcasing how much I was yelling all night]:

THE SHOW WAS ABSO-FUCKIN'-LUTELY FANTASTIC. Best show I have ever, EVER seen. If you can see Grinderman, GO...for the love of ALL...GO!!!

Next up: pics from the show, and Eulogy for a 'Stache news(!!!)

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  1. You got some of the best videos of the ENTIRE TOUR.
    *dies for the 5,000th time*