Friday, January 29, 2010


What do you all want to see? Crossword puzzles? Pics? Youtube videos? Weird playlists? Interpretations? Stupid videos I make? Crappy drawings? Comics?

I can't really post audio because I don't wanna get sued. I could...snail mail some, maybe.

But yes...what do YOU want out of this blog? I'm busy lately, not idea-starved, but yeah. Ideas are always good anyway.



  1. I'm personally more into pictures, 'cause I think I lost my goofiness or something. . .I had it when I was a teeanger (I'm 23, so it's not like I'm saying "WAY IN MY PAST"), then somewhere along the way I lost my ability to 'get it'. I'm a killjoy, my reaction to silliness is basically "OK, that's just annoying." But shit, if it's fun for you and if you have visitors who like it, go nuts.

    Where was I? Oh yeah. Pictures. I consume them like food.

  2. I'm 26 and still think queefs are funny. Hhahaa. You get annoyed with my talking NC photos? Phooey on you then! ;) Haha...but yes. I have loads of photos...full-time college student, so trying to think of maybe certain days when I can set aside a whoppin' five minutes to update somewhat on a schedule. Pictures once or twice a week? Hell yes!

  3. Oh, and Jamie, just out of curiousity...what sorts of books/movies/etc. DO make you laugh? Just curious. Wait...I said I was curious already. Drats.

  4. I'd go for pictures, too, and interpretations! (if by interpretation you mean "explanation or conceptualization by a critic of a work of literature, painting, music, or other art form" and not "a performer's distinctive personal version of a song, dance, piece of music, or role") :) But all the other things you mentioned are also fine by me!

    And yes, you can be annoying at times, but that's part of your charm ;)

  5. As for what makes me laugh, precious few things lately, I think. . .not really movies, usually stand-up. I like Patton Oswalt and John Oliver, but can't think of anyone else off the top of my head (Patton's my go-to guy and I was just watching John Oliver yesterday). Also, on the dork side; in True Blood, where the vampires were playing Yahtzee? Yeah, I giggled. It's not like I'm saying I'm too mature/good for goofiness, or something, it's just something that, if it's clearly the post title, I'm gonna navigate elsewhere for a while. I'm weird on the internet though, I cycle through all the blogs and shit I visit as though they update hourly, haha.

  6. Weird playlists. Definitely. And more silliness! :D

  7. I personally am a fan of complete randomness. As a creepy insomniac grad student, I am usually majorly lacking in the sleep area and find randomness extremely amusing at 3 in the morning (especially the nick accidently downloading porn video.) I also enjoy all of the awesome pics.
    I know I've never commented before, but I check this blog all the time and think it's awesome ;)