Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nick, a Bunny, and a Bigass Man Purse

Found HERE by the ever-lovely, ever-great Caroline (thank you!), I give you...Mr. Cave...holding a bunny...and a really big man purse. Sure to make you either go, "awww, how adorable!" or run for the hills. Either way - hurrah!

The site says the bunny's name is Fluffy.

Pics are bloody huge.

Only a true badass rocks a bunny.

No idea why he's shirtless in this one. A part of me
wonders if it was his idea or if the person taking the
photo was like, "eh, Mr. Cave...half naked?" Creepy.

I can't help detecting a faint air of menace behind
that smile.


  1. He looks suitably "I'M HOLDING A BUNNY =D" in the last picture. I approve. I am jealous, I wanna squeeze those bunny feet.

    He's probably shirtless because. . .well it's a Current 93 thing and David Tibet is a fucking weirdo? I don't know. I didn't click the link immediately so it took until I saw '93' and the word 'coptic' on the bag that I went "waaait a minute! I approve even more!"

    I really do not know why I like Current 93 (when I consider a band like Bauhaus "too goth") but I do, so this is even more fun.

  2. Oh wait, wait, it says his rabbit. So it's not just -A- rabbit, but Nick Cave owns a fluffy, floppy-eared bunny. Bawww, now I want to see him feeding it some romaine or something.

  3. I KNOW! I was like, wait...he's not just holding a bunny, it's HIS?! You have GOT to be kidding me. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. And it's all 'stached, even.

    I have no idea what Current 93 is, but I will go out on a huge limb and guess band. Haha. Not knowing who they are, the bag still seems random as hell to me. :D

  4. Last year, at the reading of Bunny Munro at the South Bank Center in London, he talked about his 2 rabbits and said that one of them is named Fluffy, so yes, it's the "famous" Fluffy :DDD

    @Andrea: Nick Cave sang on 2 tracks of the album "All The Pretty Little Horses (The Inmost Light)" of Current 93 in 1996: "All the pretty little horses" (it's a lullaby) and "Patripassian" (spoken-word based on Blaise Pascal's Pensees)

  5. Apparently he and David Tibet bonded over their enthusiasm for (collecting?) Louis Wain paintings, too.

    I think the way I build little. . .fantasies?. . .about certain musicians may be slightly unbecoming, but David Tibet--strictly in a "listening to post-90s Current 93" way, haven't been able to get into the 80s stuff--reminds me of a guy who used to read books to children as a living, but then he had some kind of breakdown and now he stands on the corner ranting about the apocalypse (probably holding signs written in coptic, ha-ha). I don't think I'm actively imagining this as I listen to Current 93, mind, but I guess it's just a sign that I take few musicians I listen to as SERIOUSBUSINESS. Possibly Current 93 gets a pass on being goth because David Tibet appears to have a sense of humor. I doubt a gloomy singer without one would have an album cover that looks like this:

    Anyway I'm rambling. Listen to Soft Black Stars! It's basically piano + poetry. Pleasant.

  6. David Tibet/Current 93 are pretty awesome. Nick and David mainly bonded over an interest in Jesus in addition to Louis Wain, or so Nick has said in interviews :)

    Andrea you must listen to Nick's guest spots with Current 93. Patripassian in particular is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard...*sigh*

    To summarize:
    Nick Cave + David Tibet + Bunnies + Random shirtlessness = EPIC.

  7. I'm trying to think of something clever to say, but I'm a little overwhelmed due to a shirtless Nick Cave and a rabbit.

  8. MsEmJ, THAT IS SO ME. Haha. I love that Mr. Cave named his bunny Fluffy. You'd think he'd give it some amazingly profound name, but nope. Just Fluffy. XD

  9. Further, if any of you have the um...Current 93 tracks, I don't think I do. How odd.

  10. It's funny to think about all the pictures of him not smiling (like what, 95% of them?) it's like serious, serious, serious, BUNNY!

  11. yup, he has a white bunny named Fluffy and another bunny named Satchmo. He mentioned in an interview that I found on itunes. The audience chuckled a bit.