Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nick Cave in Brazil (R.S. '93)

Due to the request from Laura over at Nick Cave Fixes, I've taken it upon myself to scan all the articles from the clippings set I bought awhile ago. This is the first of those scans; these are from a 1993 issue of Australian Rolling Stone, though I am unsure about which month these are from.

I already uploaded the first photo from the article, but am featuring it again in case you missed it. The article also includes a lovely little Mick Harvey mini-article, and the infamous Nick-dons-a-bra photo. Anyway, enjoy! Click each scan to view in a (hopefully) legible, full-size way.


  1. Oh my lawdy, you just made my week awesome-to-the-power-of-Nick-trunks-times-the-square-root-of-giggling.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    The trunks, the bra, the awkward glasses phase...and Mick Harvey to boot!

  2. "Bandwidth Exceeded"
    Will these images be reappearing soon? I'm kicking myself here for not having saved them yet. ):

  3. Yeah, what the hell? I will reupload them here.