Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PotM : Nice Trunks!

I bought some clippings off eBay and will be posting scans of the photos here over the next week or so.

This first one is from Australian Rolling Stone, not sure which issue. The article mentions Anita Lane's Dirty Pearl just being released, so it's from '93, I'm assuming. This photo is one of the reasons I bid on this set of clippings, as I'd never seen it before and find it highly amusing.

Click to view full-size.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for scanning this! I was having one of those eBay moments going "Ok, I really shouldn't spend any more money on Nick this week, even if he's in swim trunks...I will just hope and pray whoever buys these clippings is a kind soul and scans them and slaps 'em up on the internet."
    Prayers. Answered.

  2. Yeah, I definitely sense a clippings addiction coming on. And this set had some amazingly hot photos. I'll scan them all eventually. :D