Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guess the Songs #1

This is such a dumb idea, so I'm gonna embrace it. I am a HORRIBLE drawer...meaning, one who draws, not a kitchen drawer. Though, I bet I'd be a pretty bad kitchen drawer also.

Anyway, when the mood strikes, I'm going to post random drawings from bits of Nick Cave songs. Your boredom-breaking task is to guess what song the picture goes along with. If someone has commented before you, the game is probably ruined for you, so don't read the comments. If you guess get...NOTHING! BECAUSE I AM POOR! You win the satisfaction of knowing you can decipher my crappy drawings. What an honor!

1. (Pretty easy)

2. (A bit tougher)


  1. I may be easily amused, but I love this idea :)
    Ok so #1 I'm guessing "Up Jumped the Devil"
    (I was cut from her belly with a stanley knife)

    and #2...? All I can think at the moment is "Sad Waters" (ran my tin cup hard along the prison her of ribs) since those appear to be ribs with a lock on them...but the heart has thrown me as it is not, uh, a tin cup.
    So I think I lose.

  2. You're right on both counts. I tried adding a tin cup handle to the heart but it looked stupid. You win at dorkdom! :D Annoyingly perhaps, I am going to keep drawing stupid things like this.

  3. I have always wanted to win at something *sniff*
    :D I look forward to more! Doodles make the world go round, or something.

  4. Laura, feel free to add your own drawings. I bet I would fail to guess.

  5. Thanks, perhaps I will :D
    I think my doodles would be a bit like a game of visual "telephone."
    "A giraffe? When did Nick sing about giraffes? Wait, it's a lamp. When did Nick sings about lamps? Oh, hold on, that's just a coffee stain. An intentional coffee stain? Shaped like a giraffe? Damn, we're back on giraffes."

  6. Haha. They can't be worse than mine! :D