Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playlist #1 : The Pipage Mix

I am obsessed with songs in which Mr. Cave "belts it out," as it were, showcasing that, when he lets loose, he can really sing. You know, such as in "(Are You) The One..." when he sings the line, "oh, we will knooooow, won't weeeeeeeee", etc. I have been trying to make a list of songs that showcase his abilities. I figure this is best undertaken as a joint venture. It's not just his ballads, but examples of really lettin' the vocals fly, as far as Mr. Cave goes.

Here is my list so far. Please comment with further examples of Mr. Cave (aka Mr. Sinatra, Eat Yer Heart Out!) lettin' those notes fly free (I am so lame).

NOTE: Snicker at "pipage" all you want; I did.

Examples of Nick Cave's Pipage
"(Are You) The One I've Been Waiting For"
"And No More Shall We Part"
"Bless His Ever Loving Heart" ("beauty lies exhausted in the streeeets")
"Foi Na Cruz" ("a little trickery and deceeeeit")
"He Wants You"
"People Ain't No Good"
"Straight to You" (the last verse is close enough, with "chariots of angels...")

I'm gonna end it there. Let me know if you can think of others. What's "belting out" to you may not be the same to me, but hey - I need help expanding this list! Rare songs, non-Bad Seeds stuff counts.


  1. Have you listened to Grinderman? The song No Pussy Blues is a great belt it out song :D. "I've got the no pussy blues!" Haha.

  2. Yeah, of course! I love Grinderman. I was thinking more melodic belting out, but when I make a "ROCKIN'" playlist (which I intend to), that will definitely go on it. Thanks! :D

  3. Never mind - I forgot I said it didn't have to be slower songs. Well done! :D

  4. Right now I'm thinking of "Oh My Lord" and the end of "The Sorrowful Wife" but that's just cuz NMSWP is on the player this morning :D
    Also his cover of "Running Scared" comes to mind...and quite a few BP tracks where he's "belting it out" in a more yell-ey way :) as well as "Jennifer's Veil" (don't let the veeeeeiiiiiillll drop!)

  5. - his cover of I'm your man (Leonard Cohen)
    - Shoot me down
    - loom of the land (live at the Wiltern Theatre, LA in 2001). Also, the version of NMSWP from the same concert is great.
    - under the moon
    - shivers (down my spiiiiiiiiiiiiiine) :D
    - the ship song (my favorite version is from a concert in London in 2005)
    - what a wonderful world
    - any song from the concert in Lisbon, Portugal in 2004, especially Lucy and The mercy seat

  6. Thank you, Laura and Caroline! Caroline, I was listening to "Shivers" on repeat today and I MUST agree. That is SUCH a great song. :D Also, thanks for including live versions! :D