Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, Yeah...You Love Me

You guys/gals KNOW I love you now, right? If you missed the email gift, I apologize, but to those of you who got it...

Do you love me?

So glad I decided to do that for you all. You freaking deserve it.

I am in the process of putting together (finally) some interesting Nick-mix/playlists for you all to add to your iPod/what-have-you. Yep. Now to study.

Love in Cave,


(From someone's online profile somewhere.
Didn't think I'd share it, but it's too
amusing not to. If you want it taken down,
let me know.)


  1. Oh yes, you deserve a full on Nick-in-hairpiece round of Do You Love Me's for your gift... :D
    THANK YOU!!!
    Good luck studyin', and be sure to dance around the house to some Nickness every 30 minutes as a break. That's what a doctor would tell you to do.

  2. i did not get mine, but i still love you!

  3. Bird, what was your email address? Either you missed the deadline or I missed your email.

  4. You rock. The pics were awesome.

  5. i put a spell on you