Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Put a Spell On You

Making sure you've all seen this. Shane MacGowan & Friends "I Put a Spell On You" to benefit Haiti (single released on March 8th).

And old school:

And even though most of us have seen it...NC crotch (I want to go back in time to see The Birthday Party sooooo fuckin' badly):


  1. You are certainly not the only one who wants to go back in time to see The Birthday Party live...

  2. What's sad about the crotch video is that I, in my innocence, never noticed until I read some YouTube comments and someone was like, "Wow, looks like Nick Cave has a huge dick." And now I pretty much can't unsee it. I'm weird though. I think Nick's good-looking, but most of his attempts at expressing his sexuality come off as intensely awkward and uncomfortable for me. I mean I'm asexual so my perspective is. . .weird. . .but I like to think that I do retain some kind of idea of things that are sexy vs. things that are not sexy. Most of Nick's sexual expression has been really sleazy or like I said, just plain awkward like that video, which I initially watched with my toes curled, through my fingers, because the thrusting was just so. . .awkward. Now I can watch it through because I just laugh. It's liberating, not thinking I have to find that sexy just because I think there are other things, errr, appealing, about him.

    Re: the video, I don't like it. It feels like them repeating the same two lines over and over, the song doesn't retain any depth and it doesn't lend itself to multiple singers, certainly not more than two (and I'd think a duet was pretty stupid as well, considering the subject matter). I turned it off about two and a half minutes in. There's a Bad Seeds version I have that I like, different from that video but from the same era, I think.

  3. Jamie, I looooove long comments! YES!

    I find a lot of Nick's "sexual" looks/motions/etc. ridiculous and amusing. Awkward thrusting of his, to me, is like...sexy because yes, it draws attention there, while not being serious. I mean, his dancing in Stagger Lee = case in point. HORRID. I think that's the point. What I find sexy about him, as someone who isn't asexual, is his wit and intellect, his voice, the way he looked back in the Murder Ballads era and what-not. The dancing/etc. is just hilarious to me, though. I definitely would be lying if I said I didn't find him a sexy person, though. More then than now, but now too...just because of his words and brain.

    I didn't watch all the new video, either. In fact, I got to where it showed him, then I stopped. I've just never been a fan of the song in general, so I just wanted to see what he looked like in it. And I don't like Shane's voice at all.

    People ask me this all the time when I strongly voice my thoughts/opinions, so I am asking out of genuine curiousity...are you doing okay, or did you just genuinely really, really hate the video/song? I didn't think it was that bad, but I mean...I just think charity singles suck balls, anyway. They're so lame, I mean, making money to help people is good and all, but the whole ensemble singing is so hokey. The new version of "We Are the World" seriously makes me want to shoot someone.

    Anyway, I love when you comment because you are one of my favorite people on here. I freaking respect you and think you are amazing, Jamie. ROCK THE FUCK ON. That sounds douchey of me, but you know.

  4. Wha? I had a bad day today but I don't think that was why I commented that way. . .I think I just get grumpy every time Nick Cave puts something out and I don't like it. I don't like Shane MacGowan's voice either but it's not as bad as usual in that, I think it's the fact that there are too many people doing it that bugs me. I don't like many super group type things. It worked for "Death Is Not the End" because everyone got a verse, for example, it's not just like. . .people singing essentially the same line over and over again. I don't know, maybe I'd care if Nick wasn't the only person of the group I liked. I thought his singing was a little weird, too, it didn't really sound uhm. . .Nick Cave-ish? I mean obviously it sounded like him but there was a certain quality that was missing, like he monotoned his voice more than usual, I don't know.

    With sexual expression I'm mostly talking about songs like Hard On For Love, or the plays in King Ink with Lydia Lunch, or like, Truck Love. . .things I just roll my eyes at because it seems like he was going through some sort of "OOH YEAH DIRTY WRITING WHOOOO" phase (with the last two, anyway). Then it occurred to me that maybe it wasn't a phase and I was just inventing my own distinctly more classy Nick Cave and I needed to just step back from that line of thought as a whole. I mean do I really care about the sexual habits of a guy old enough to be my dad anyway? It's not like I'm getting a time machine, a sexy dress and a backstage pass to 1987 YOU KNOW, JUST TO MAKE SURE I DON'T WANNA FUCK.

    I forgot what I was posting about. But yeah, someone stole my debit card number, I spent $240 because I dared get a chest cold, and I can't seem to wind down and sleep. . .but "I Put A Spell On You" still disappoints. It's like they didn't even try to make it interesting because it's got so many "cool people", who gives a shit?

  5. Yeah, I wasn't trying to assume that you had a bad day, but figured I'd ask. I tend to post really opinionated stuff when I've had shit happen. Granted, my opinion is the same as it would have been, but I have bigger balls/ovaries to post it when upset.

    I love "Hard On For Love," though, haha...that whole album, speaking of sexy, as far as music goes, is just sexy to me. It's just all dark and creepy sounding, and I love that. *thinks* Then again, I just thought of how I use "sexy" as meaning literally, "attractive in a way that makes me wanna have sex with that," and "just really, really attractive, like, that's a sexy song - just if it's really, really good". I guess I think Your Funeral... is sexy in both ways?

    Anyway, yeah, screw I Put a Spell On You. They totally didn't try, I agree.

    Someone stole your card number?! FUCK! Something like that happened to me, but I don't remember...oh, yeah, it was online. I saw this weird charge on my online bank statement. I immediately cancelled the card and got the charge wiped out, but it was from some phishing thing, most likely, from before I had virus protection (stupid!). It was like $145 if I remember, and the name of the "company" on the statement, when I googled it, came up with "SCAM SCAM SCAM" and I about panic-attacked. I hope you can got that cancelled and monitor your statements.

    Have I asked you if you have a facebook yet? I stupidly gave in and actually talk to people on there, but the only NC fans I have on there are like half my age. Which, I mean, they have excellent taste, awesome, but I feel like...they also talk about Twilight and so I don't relate to that. Haha. If you don't, stay away. It will steal your soul. I scare people on there because they think Cave and Waits are scary and that my tastes are strange. Um...duh. :D

    I hope your week improves. I've had a hellish time lately with financial aid. It's been all term without any, just enough to pay tuition, and the whole fin. aid department are asshats who can go fuck a cactus, seriously.

    Don't you hate how people think a chick being opinionated is "her time of the month" or she's "off her meds"? It's like, thanks, yes, I'm a chick, and yes, I also am on meds, but what...my emotions aren't valid now because of that? Screw that.

    Anyway, hugs from the weirdo in Oregon. *hugs*

  6. I have a facebook, yeah. I don't have many people on it but I look at it every day. . .half the people on there are family or friends I don't give a shit about, I just didn't want to have them asking me why I denied them.

    As for Nick Cave fans, well, like I've probably said somewhere, in my experience they've fallen into two categories: snobs, or fanficcers, AKA "Alright, that's gone a little far for me, sorry." I tried to 'get it' a couple months ago but it's still lost on me. Enh. So basically I'm a liiiiiittle snobby, but not enough where I can pretend everything I enjoy is sopping with artistic integrity, or. . .whatever the hell it is that makes people so goddamn full of themselves.

    PS: Yes, as someone who normally identifies as a feminist, I -do- hate that. Women can only be outspoken when it's something men around them agree with, apparently.

  7. I'm an idiot, said I had a Facebook, gave you no info. . .it's linked to the same email I sent you a question from that one time though, so I think you should be able to find it through that.

  8. Eeek! I don't have that email anymore. Nuts (mine is ziggy_star(at)comcast.net though. It'll say my name is Andrea Nunyabiz.

    And I do NOT get/like the fanfic thing AT ALL. I find it creepy...some of it is actually well-written and creative, but the "Blixa and Nick gettin' it on thing" just makes me feel "icky," for lack of a better word. *cringe*

  9. I think I went "Well let me give it a chance", the first line my eyes happened across involved spit lube and I went, "Oh fuck this, THAT'S NOT EVEN HOW BUTT SEX WORKS, PEOPLE."

    . . .I mean, uh, yeah. Haha. Considering that I have an RP character modeled after him I try to say, "Well it's not like I can judge", so I just call it my problem, these days.

    Anyway yeah, I'll find you I guess.

  10. I accidentally denied you because I didn't realize it was you. My bad. You can send me a request again and I'll actually know it's you now. I just thought, "who is that?" Whoops.