Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balding? Proudly!

Will post some stuff tomorrow, more than likely. In the middle of loads of stuff for my philosophy papers/final due tomorrow.

The person from the Balding Celebrities blog (!!! AWESOME!!!) posted a link to this Nick bit they just wrote, and I enjoyed it so figured I'd link you all up.

Mr. Cave at Balding



  1. Haha, oh, that Mojo cover rears its ugly head again. Goddamn, if they're gonna make Nick look like a video game character, I want to see it IN A VIDEO GAME. I don't know what kind though.

    When I was thirteen I daydreamed about having a fighting game with all the musicians I liked at the time in it, and I think I'd just rented one where all the characters turned into monsters, so half my daydreaming was dedicated to "What kind of monster would they be?" Unfortunately I liked much cheesier musicians then (Danzig clearly given over to lycanthropy, AFI had this bat logo at the time...) who kind of better lent themselves to monsterization--I think Nick became some sort of stylized zombie because I couldn't think of anything better.

    I've since submitted to the fact that, despite how much I love playing video games, I really am bad at them. So maybe something more along the lines of Silent Hill, haha. ..

  2. I suck at games, too. I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII at the moment, and so far, so good.

    I can imagine Nick as some weird knight or something, haha, like The Elder Scrolls. :D